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  1. She can sing thats for sure....but i realise her lines avoid long semi-high notes...she can sing lower notes pretty well though
  2. Hammie's guilty sounded like an anime was Speed i guess theres a point here?
  3. They have been thru alot to get to where they are today...well all i can say is that it was worth it
  4. Whats best...she can eat AND still maintain her figure...
  5. As much as she proclaims her beauty...we have to give it to her...she really is pretty
  6. I just realised that ypungji has thy naturally sexy look if she look serious....but yet at the same time when she smiles she can look so dammmmmm adorable!
  7. Most of these photos seem very dated....lost in time but revived
  8. My nose is now flowing like a broken tap.....
  9. I dont know....we have to see how it goes, judging by her performances it appears she isnt given that much attention yet given her newbie status. But who knows, she might be the main driver of Kara in the future if the original 3 ever retire...