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  1. Thanks for sharing! finally found it here~
  2. Thanks for the lovely layout All the effort you guys put into it Merry Christmas all ~~
  3. Hi there fellow Kamilias, We're all probably wavered by today's sudden shocking news regarding our girls contract. & this is just my two cents, There's nothing confirmed as of now. Rumors are rumors. Their contracts doesnt expire until Jan & Apr so nothing is confirmed. I understand that we're all upset and stuff but we should have faith in them like how we did back then. We wont really know their side of the story and we'll never know but the least we should know is, our girls wouldn't disappoint us. KARA's one of the many idols out there that truly, deeply, appreciates their fans after what we've all been through together ; thick and thin & so the last thing KARA would do is, disappoint us, Kamilias. This is when all antis come in and do their thing. & this is also when we're all supposed to prove that our bond isnt as fragile as what they think. We probably cant do much now but wait. I believe in them and I believe in every other Kamilias out there to be sharing the same thoughts as I do. Fret not, get a good night sleep Drink some hot milk and listen to your favourite Kara song to end the exhausting day.Here's my favourite song I would like to share with you guys (and I'm pretty sure you guys know this song as well ) Hopefully this helps to lighten your hearts a tad bit! http://youtu.be/3WDbQoIkYgs Lastly, I would like to apologize if I have offended anyone
  4. Personally feel that all KARA's comeback cant be compared since they all have their distinct styles & concept. Nevertheless, Damaged Lady is soooo awesome. They totally nailed it. Notably one of the best comebacks ever in my opinion Hopefully our girls will get what they deserve!! Full Bloom daebak~~
  5. Definitely anticipating their comeback this time round since their concept's just so awesome Totally refreshing Hopefully this album will be another hit, as always~
  6. happy 4th anniversary Karaholic definitely a great forum to all international fans! thanks for all the hard work for the past 4 yrs and counting on! love this fandom
  7. Honestly, I'm so proud of them! I'm sure every Kamilia, are. I was like holding my breath watching the KChart. Was a pretty close call with Gangnam viral.. but.. I'm so so glad they made it! Hopefully they will continue their win for the next coming weekssss. Kara fighting!!
  8. gosh 5 awards! This definitely once again reflects KARA's popularity in Japan. Daebak! They definitely deserved them and let's just continue supporting our girls ,2012 would be better! right? Congratulations to the best five!
  9. lol I have a tingling feeling that hammie will get partnered up with the comedian! Lol Definitely a must watch since Ham is in it. It'll be hilarious! hahahaha cant wait for this
  10. hahaha okay , if it wasn't pointed out I wouldn't have even noticed it ! Jing's expression is so cute when she made the mistake and wow, hara sure is calm. She was so cool and.. expressionless. LOL like a boss.
  11. maknae's really doing well in IY2 x) am proud of her! she's there to represent KARA and also hara in a way. hahaha I liked her character in IY2 hopefully she'll get better in episodes to come!
  12. Mix of electronic & rock ? Now I'm really curious! Lol teaser pleaseeee! Considering how the photo isn't all out rocker style , I guess the rock/electronic mix will be pretty subtle and just nice! Cant wait for their comeback! It's been a while Kamilias & KARA fighting:D! Let's support them like how we always do:)
  13. wow something really different ..never heard of anything like that before! its good , shows how much love KARA has k-kamilias & j-kamilias , enjoyyyy!
  14. Cant wait to see them on stage again! Kyaah!~ After a long hiatus the girls will give us some surprise? hahaha cant wait Definitely must get hold of it since its been quite some time since we last seen them together performing live on stage!! Kara Hwaiting! Thanks for the translations
  15. Our lil goo hara is definitely one of the best role models you can ever get !! I'm already sure Sungshin uni is recognized ,now it'll be better