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  1. I was major excited upon hearing the release of the MV yesterday? and the song sounds major great too! i am currently having a KARA fever since KARA is the top in my girlgroup list cause i like them since years ago. wehuu. the girls are gorgeous though i expect storyline. but it's ok. still awesome! KARA HWAITING!!!!
  2. well, it's a sad news for me! i think they acted way too much. like, it's not a big deal for ME. well, i know it's a BIG deal for them but, our baby KARA. hummmmph. it's okay. KARA hwaitinggggg! THANKS for sharing! ^____________________^
  3. aaak! my HARA! ^____^ it's a fact that is unbelievable for a small HARA to even handle a tractor! HARA is simply amajjang! ^______^ HARA HWAITING!!!
  4. aaah i think i'm too late to post here, BUT anyways.. muahaha. awwwh. everybody got baby fats. =D it's a NO BIG DEAL. =D no worries HARA GU eonni. you still look charmingly adorable!! =D love youuuu! <3
  5. awwww!! how i wish it was located infront of my room or class, with my name on it!
  6. Can you continue the game of the ballads songs survivor

    In the part playground

  7. omg. eventhough hara is not smiling. she still looks pretty. Hara is pretty in either emotions. so yeah. GO HARA!
  8. signature banners? or the banners on top of kh? (:

    I just use Paint Shop Pro to make both (:

  9. HEY! it's been a while, ive been missing, again. hahaha. just wanted to ask, how do you make banners?

  10. awww. pity gyuri unnie. hope she had a great sleep next time though. BUT, SHE LOOK EXTREMELY GORGEOUS in that picture. WOW! (:
  11. Wow! That's sure a lot of people for a meeting. hahahaha. yay! our girls have so many fans! it's good, right? i wish i could be there even for 30minutes. hahaha.
  12. Girls' Generation (without YoonA) and Kara have expressed their displeasure towards their managers for liking other girl groups from the ones they manage. In the Girls Special edition of MBC Come To Play on 23rd March where Girls' Generation and Kara were the guests, it was revealed in a poll that DBSK, Big Bang, etc boy groups had picked Gu Hara as their favourite girl group member. With regards to the poll result, Gu Hara expressed, "I hope that Girls' Generation Seo Hyun isn't one of the picks. Lately, our manager has had a big crush on Seo Hyun." In response, Girls' Generation Sunny said, "Our manager likes Nicole a lot", which led to laughters all around the studio. Soo Young added, "Not long ago when Kara got No.1, our manager was so happy that he started crying. It was really intolerable. source: coolsmurf P/S; sorry i post this. i got this from Asian Fanatic, so i guess i share? crews can delete this topic if it's not necessary. thank you ^^ And... I just peeked into the source's site, and i am not sure if this article is right, because someone said, the other article said that the favourite girl group member haven't been revealed. so yeah, i'm a bit confused here. so i hope the Karaholic teams will watch this videos and translate it for us. THANKS! ^^ [the other site; http://ent.jknews.co.kr/article/news/20090323/4667943.htm ] translator of KARAholic, please help me translate since i couldn't understand it. XD
  13. hahahah! that was funny! i can't wait to watch it on TV. haha. XD the Hankyung part was the silliest. hahaha. well, he's not that fluent in Hangul so yeah. Funny! hahahah. Alexander had a hard time guessing too. hahaha. awww, this article shows that Nicole's being cute when she was frustrated. i can't wait! Thanks For Sharing Guys!
  14. aww aww aww! Kara and Foods always get along. They sure eat a lot but still, too pretty and skinny, in which Hara as an example. hahaha. aand. I WANT TO TRY NICOLE'S COOKING! hahaha. XD