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  1. I was major excited upon hearing the release of the MV yesterday? and the song sounds major great too! i am currently having a KARA fever since KARA is the top in my girlgroup list cause i like them since years ago. wehuu. the girls are gorgeous though i expect storyline. but it's ok. still awesome! KARA HWAITING!!!!
  2. Can you continue the game of the ballads songs survivor

    In the part playground

  3. signature banners? or the banners on top of kh? (:

    I just use Paint Shop Pro to make both (:

  4. HEY! it's been a while, ive been missing, again. hahaha. just wanted to ask, how do you make banners?

  5. ehehe. glad you like it :D :D

    just put  and before and after the link I gave you (:

    and then go to "My controls" and then go to "edit signature" or something like that (:

  6. hei. IT IS AWESOME! thanks! so, how can i post in my signature? hahaha. i'm quite lost here darl. not that lost, but i don't know much. haha. XD

  7. hahaha! LOL. yeah. you have to spazz with me! XD LOL. the internet connection is still k.o. im jealous hearing people watched until ep 21 and etc. hahahaha. owh thanks btw!! i want the best KARA picture, and yeap, 300x100. heheheh.

  8. ahh yeah lolol i'm waiting on episode 22 or 23, i forget which one it's on right now. XDD but catch up quickly!! i have to spazz with you. XD

    sure! (: Just... give me a person and i'll make some for you. 300 X 100?

  9. well, yeah. hahaha. HIGH QUALITY but OUTDATED. we just reached until episode 10 i think and people are now like, watching episode 20+ hahaha. I LOVE SORRY SORRY! just fyi. hahaha! hey, can you make a banner for me? for my signature thingy? i don't know how to do.

  10. woah, so you get to watch it on TV? O_O that's so cool. It must be super high-quality lol. (:

  11. hahaha. yeaaaah! i'm a fan of yoochun from dbsk. XD well, i love them all though. hahaha. you like Boys Over Flower too? I LOVE IT TOO! but since i just watched it at KBS WORLD, because my internet connection is terrible!! , so i just reached until episode 8. lacking isn't it? TOO FAR from everyone. hahaha.

  12. ehehe yeah the graphics team made it together :D

    i'm glad you like it!! oo your fave. in DBSK is yoochun?

  13. yah! i agree with that. SO MUCH PAIN. hahaha. like, my head wants to explode right now. hahaha. btw, how did you guys make the layout? i was amazed! hahaha. XD

  14. eheheh thanks! :D

    ooo good luck on all your school stuff. school's such a pain in the butt T_T