[2014.02.09] Nicole Writes About Her in The USA!


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After Nicole decided to leave KARA earlier in 2014, she departed for America on January 25 to receive 2-months training and prepared for her solo debut soon. On January 30th, the ex-member of KARA, Nicole left a message on one of her fan-site, nicoleing. This is her first letter ever since she arrived in Los Angeles, United States. 

Here's the translation of her message below. 

2014.01.30 brrrr it's cold
Hello ! haha

awhile ago i went out with 
lots of
, however i got lost 
on the way
, and somehow because of 
the cold
my phone
suddenly died, got panic, finally i got back at home. in the end i bought body wash and water but it took around 1.5 hours? in all it took 2 hours ㅜㅜ sigh even then i slowly got to know the surroundings a little bit! haha it's just my face got all red . . . keke

new year
 right? haha everyone happy new year ! eat a warm tteokguk, 
have a nice
time with family
 ! haha sounds delicious, tteokguk ㅠ kkya !! together with kimchi.. haha
argh i want to eat it too .. ㅜ

actually i'm still enjoying a short vacation ! the lessons will be 
 soon ! haha i eat really a lot. kinda makes me worried ? haha
everytime i see a new food or new desserts 'bbyong' i just fly away . ...


i shouldn't be like this though..

euaaaargh ㅜㅠ

i should control it.. i should work hard . .

i think it's dawn in korea right now.. everyone is sleeping right? keke 
sweet dreams
 everyone !
i will meet you inside your dreams too.


aw *shriveling shriveling* (got embarrassed)

i will come again soon ~~ ^^

Seeing this, are you excited for Nicole's comeback soon? 



Article written by: Chiaro@Karaholic.com 

Message Translated by: yooniqda_@_karaholic

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Well, I will never leave Nicole, this is a fact, I really like her like KARA's Nicole or Jung Nicole. I'm excited for her comeback even if it isn't in KARA, but the only thing Kamilias can do is support her.


Nicole fighting~

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So happy to see Nicole share her life with us!

Glad that she enjoys her vacation, and of course I'm absolutely excited about Nicole's solo comeback.

But I still prefer Nicole to be a member of Kara than to be a solo singer, Kara's not complete with only four or even three members T_T

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All about the new life of Nicole, seem like she is happy now for what she's doing now, training, learning new things, trying new foods, looking for her place she ever being at there, it's her hometown, feeling so comforted to be able to go back again right? Nicole? Anyway, always keep happy and smiling, KAMILIA waiting for your Comeback........^^

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I'm new at this Karaholic thing. I'm a huuuge fan of Kara. And Nicole is my favorite. She just left, but I already miss her so much and want her to return as soon as possible (hopefully with Kara). I'll wait patiently. For now let's keep supporting her and wish her the best. 

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