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Those pics were quite sometime ago..

some sort of muscle with chubbiness..

but now.. look at her... LUPIN performances... she's slimmer, Lean, firm and of course sexy! What a great workout plan she had~! It really pays off.. she's really into exercise i guess ... she kept mentioning "going to gym" on twitter .. lol ~:D:thumbup:

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ok so i jsut looked at the picture Jing tweeted

if u focus ur eyes on Nicoles Forearm! what do u see?

its toned and developed!! usually for girls it would be toned to a point u dot see the muscles on the forearm but for nicole u do see it :D

ahha wow she must be working out alot to get her forearms to that point.

what do u think?

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What a coincidence that you mention this! I was just watching Nicole dancing on Strong Heart and I thought "whoa.. her arms are so toned.. but since it's Youtube.. is it just my eyes?" Well apparently not :) Arms are more noticeable than forearms and yes her forearm in Jiyoung's tweet is indeed toned!

I wonder how hard she exercises? o.o .. she said she exercised every day out of fear of gaining the weight she lost prior to Lupin.. wow.. it shows :) I hope she still enjoys her fav activity: eating! :)

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