[2009.08.28] Kara's Former Member Kim Sunghee's Duet with a New Singer "Comeback? I have no plans for that yet"


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It was nice to finally hear some news about Sunghee onni ^^

But I guess she doesn't want to be back at the spotlight?

But it was nice of her to help ^^

I'm excited to her here voice again...XD

And I respect her decision ^^

Thank you very much for the translations Tinggg onni ^^ and for the tip off Mae onni ^^

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wow! so shocked by this sudden news but definitely excited to hear her again even though she doesn't have any plans to come back yet...

SeungJa fighting!!! we will always wait for your comeback,..

thanks for sharing...

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yes! finally going to hear sunghee sing again..

in an actually recorded song! :)

im kind of upset that she wont be appearing on any shows or anything..

oh man..but still. hearing her voice makes up for it! :)

and she should sooo come back as a singer.

if not a solo singer. then of course i'm going to say. comeback to kara! :]

whatever she choses..i'll support her!

sunghee jjang! fighting! :)

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:'( sunghee has to come back...

ill definitely check the song ... im sure itll be amazing !!!

Sunghee Fighting !!

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awww.. she was my fav kara member, and the reason why i even liked kara in the first place,

i would've loved this article even more if she actually said that she has plans on a comeback, coz seriously, she's one talent not to be wasted.. absolutely loved her vocals back in 'break it' days.

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