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  1. Hara's twitter: http://twtkr.com/_sweethara (this is what I roughly translated~ if anyone has a better/clearer translation please post! ) ----------------------------------- ★ 2 0 1 0 ★ MARCH 2010 APRIL 2010 MAY 2010 JUNE 2010 JULY 2010 AUGUST 2010 SEPTEMBER 2010 OCTOBER 2010 NOVEMBER 2010 DECEMBER 2010 ★ 2 0 1 1 ★ CLICK HERE ★ HARA&FRIENDS ★ CLICK HERE ★ 2 0 1 2★ CLICK HERE ★ 2 0 1 3★ CLICK HERE ★ Instagram Updates ★ June 2013 July 2013 August 2013 September 2013 October 2013 November 2013 [i'm still updating this topic and trying to organize the tweets. (: thank you to everyone who's helped with Hara's tweets<3 -Joss]
  2. I think that since Jiyoung is the youngest she has the most aegyo and charm and bubbliness. haha. ^here she was like, "there's bananas for the monkeys!" and she was all happy and smiling ^when she discovered that the pig was their new pet. she was like, "YAYYYY!" ^her eye-smile! isn't it soo adorable? (: haha i wonder if she took a selfca with it'd be two eye smilers right next to each other. x3 magnae such a bright person! haha. (: post more pictures of her smilesss (:
  3. Jiyoung's seriously sooo tall! She's the tallest in KARA and she's the youngest, too! And she's only like, 15, so that means she's probably going to grow taller as time goes on. DSP~ what are you feeding our magnae? I want to grow taller, too.
  4. credit: naver So I was searching Gyuri on Naver and I just came across these. She looks sooo pretty. Yearbook pictures always come out really bad for me but hers are so... perfect. haha. But lol-- in the group picture, she's still short <33.
  5. elegant dancing (: videos: dorky dance: 002 cute/funny dance: cute sexy dance. credits;; naver//karaholic//hara soompi thread
  6. UPDATE (click) "Goddess - Park Gyuri = 0" (LOL) I think the frame behind that + the nameplate thing are from fans haha. "She sleeps like a goddess" Crown for gyuri~ getting water to wash SY's hair with "Mom, why are you washing SY's hair like you're doing laundry?!" brushing her teeth while SY gets her hair washed "Yo, wassap?" Gyuri: /arm motion
  7. What do you think KARA could improve with, as a whole? This is a discussion about what KARA could become better at, not what they suck at. There's a fine line between critiquing and bashing, and I'm sure we all know the difference (: Anyways, I think they could improve on dancing. Not that they've ever shown us any excessive mistakes or anything like that, but I feel like they're staying in the "easy-to-learn, easy-to-perform" dance moves. Ones that are safe, you know? I want to see a really powerful dance from them-- they have Nicole and Hara, for goodness' sakes! I want to see a dance that makes people go, "wow, KARA can dance really well." So yeah, I hope they improve on their dancing. And before, I used to wish that they were more natural on shows because they sometimes seemed awkward and... yeah. But I think they're a lot more calm and they have more presence in front of the camera (probably because they've been around it so much with the Idol Show and their CFs and stuff), but I feel like they can show more personality on talk shows and stuff. They're amazing on variety shows, but in interviews and talk shows I feel like they could have more presence that captures peoples attention even if they're not a fan. So, what do you think? (:
  8. So while I was surfing on the internet, I came across pictures of Hara's modeling days! And she's seriously pretty, yo. She looks so young and adorable and it's awesome that she had a steady(?) job before she went into KARA (: ^i lovee this picture. She looks so so so pretty (: heather's picspam of hara's modeling days! (there's like a bajillion pictures :3 heheh thank youuu) CLICK.
  9. Okay, I admit that half the reason why I made this thread was because I found so many cute gifs of Jing on naver that I had to put them somewhere. But still~ look at her pigtails! They bring out the magnae in her (: She's shown us a lot of the grown up, mature side of her through Honey, so I kind of forgot how young she was~ But she looks super adorableee with her hair like this (:
  10. Jing has more ear piercings than her unnies. lol! I vaguely remember KARA talking about ear piercings in one of their selfcams but I can't remember if Jing showed off her ears in there. I think it was mainly Gyuri telling a story about her ear piercings.
  11. Has anyone else noticed that Hara covers her ears a lot with her hair? I was watching KARA selfcams, and in one episode Gyuri was talking about how she didn't pierce her ears, and Jiyoung was saying how she had two piercings on one side and one on the other. so that got me thinking. does every member have piercings? Nicole does. So does Jiyoung. and Gyul. (she said she didn't but this was a while ago? cuz in THIS picture she's wearing earrings) aaandd SY does as well. but dude, it took me a while to find a picture of hara with earrings because her hair's covered up! and this is a picture of her where you can see she's wearing earrings andd this is when she had her hair up in her SME audition. (:
  12. So I've been watching a lot of the Rock U live performances lately, because i really like watching live performances. It shows how great the group really is and KARA is like, really good at singing live. They've definitely improved and stuff! But one thing i noticed was Nicole's jumping! at the "YEOW!" after the chorus :]] and she just jumps so HIGH. it was just amazing :3 so i took caps of youtube videos lol. they're not that good high quality, but yeah :] ^look how HIGH she jumped! She jumped like a bajillion feet! lol :] ^you probably can't see this, but in this video, she was wearing heels. well, boots with heels. It's so amazing how she can jump so high and then land on both feet all the time. O_O edit: apparently she thought of this move by herself! **more pics on pages 3,4,6 and 12!!
  13. G y u l 's h a i r s t y l e s 1] short hair with pigtails (: 2] short hair 3] long straight hair 4] wavy hair with bangs 5] wavy hair with side bangs 6] side bangs & hair in a bun 7] chestnut hair, wavy 8] BoA hairstyle (thanks Kami!) i got the pictures from here @ karaholic! (: woot~ our lovely gyul looks so pretty in a ton of diff. hairstyles! Personally, i love the seventh one and the fifth ones the best, although i think she can pull off almost every hairstyle that she's been in which one do you like the best/ do you have any pictures you'd like to share? (:
  14. UPDATE (part 2) (click) Nicole's room. LOL I love how it's messy. Nicole: "I live comfortably!" lolol. I think it's so adorable how she sleeps with a stuffed animal lol <3 The stuffed animals she's had since she was in the states~ Waking up in a panic. "Who are these people!?" She has a UCLA sweater. Played the violin for 5 years when she was little. Jinwoon is huge, omg. I always thought he was tiny but noo. He's like a head taller than Nicole. I seriously think they should date, though. haha. Nicole/Jinwoon facts revealed by Seungyeon! 1. Nicole calls Jinwoon on days where she has no schedule. 2. Jinwoon bought Nicole chocolates from the US (well she asked him to, but yeah.) 3. Nicole often says that Jinwoon is overflowing with charisma and that he could make anyone fall for him.
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    HARA'S THREADS INDEX Only reply if you have made a new topic/reply with the link to the topic. Any other replies will be deleted~ thanks. • GOO HARA | PROFILE • Hara's Official Tweeting Topic Haradoll Official Charm Symbol "HARA" 4th Album Korean Comeback Official Thank You Summer Love Thread • The Official Hara Spazz Thread • Hara's Official Jumpin' Topic • Official Hara Lupin Topic • Invincible Youth/청춘불패 [Official Thread] • Favorite Pictures of Hara • Official Wanna/Mister Thread • Hara in a documentary • Official Check it Girl Thread • Truth behind Hara's "Ahhhh" • Hara with her「put hand in pants pocket」habit • Hara gets mentioned! • Hara's Smiles • Popular Misconceptions about Hara • Mighty Hara • Cool & Calm Hara • Hara and celebrities friends • What kind of solo activites/variety shows would you like Hara to appear on? • Horror Hara • Honey Hara's Favorite pose? • How small is Hara's face? • Hara with Headbands! • The Sexy Hair Flips • Hara's parents • Hara RUNS fast! Like the FLASH! • Hara's Immature Jokes • Hara's ears • Hara and her Hats • Hara's many auditions before DSP • Hara without makeup • Which guy is perfect for Honey Hara? • When Hara is not smiling... • Hara's tendency to... [Vid] • Hara's posing habit [Caps] • Gah! Not a good outfit for Hara! • Little Hara? Lookalike? Maybe Secret Siblings? • Hara on KBS "Shall We Dance" • H a r a ' s . V o i c e ~ • Omnomnom. • The Cutest Apple Hair EVER [Caps] • Silky and Sleek - Hara's Hair! • Lovely dancer Hara [Caps] • Hara's Figure • Predebut Pictures of Hara • Dorky Hara • Describe Hara... • If Goo Hara gets a short hair cut she becomes Namie? • Hara Macros • What a Tease~ • Hara in Denims • Career in Acting? • Success in Japan? • Hara and Fansites [Other] • Hara's burning incident [Caps] Other • First impressions of Hara? • Hara's Birthday Gifts of 2010 • Imagine Hara as a rapper • Hara's slight mistake for "To My Boyfriend" • Hara's lookalike? • Hara is checking YOU out! • Hara's look alike! Amazing... + SHINee! • Warm Koala • Hara's winks [Gifs] • 2009.03.21 Hara at Fan-Signing • One Stalker Pic of HARA • Hara's eye makeup • Koo Hara && Namie Amuro?! • Hara, the Clay Model? • Hara's Poll Ranking Lists. • Hara with her cousin • Hara and Julie Cai (Tong Tong) Lookalike? • Hara Ecorre (sweet honey hara) • Hara on TaoBao • Artsy Thread (Photoshopped pictures of Hara!) • Hara getting a haircut • Hara's "dyoong!" + other swfs • Hara on Yonsei School Magazine • Kid Hara • Hara's name origin Video • Even handsome Eunhyuk gets shy in front of Hara! [Other] • Hara's Dorky Butt Dance • Hara and Seungri (Big Bang) reunited [Other] • sweet hara • Hara goo is a thief! • Hara's "...First Boyfriend After Turning 20" • Hara Strips? • Hara in "Shall We Dance" • Hara - a broken heart in love Poll • black vs. brown (?) • Hara with Straight Bangs • FANBOY or FANGIRL? • Older or Younger? Caps • Hara in Jet Coaster Love • 09.04.11. Hara @ SGB [Gifs] • Baker Hara~ she's awesome, yo. :3 • Hara on KBS Game show [Gifs] • Hara's Incredible Strength • Haha mong hara! • Hara on Running Man • Little Strawberry Princess Gifs • Hara Changes Dancing in Honey Song • Hara @ Idol Show Season 4 [Caps] • Dr Mong Goes to Medical School - Hara's Cut • Hara from the Cob Chicken CF • Hara during Pizza Etang CF Dance • Hara from KBS Entertainment Award - G7 • Hara Gif Compilation • Hara's Bowling Skills. Cyworld • 09.11.03. Hara's Guam Picture Update: K__lhara the Endorphin
  16. I saw this on soompi and it made me smile~ (: so credits to RaSHeLo@soompi who got it from kbites. Nicole's official thread of Celebs go to College KARA's Nicole recently appeared for the 3rd season of Celebrity Goes to College and in the first episode she was seen preparing and going through interviews for college entrance. But it seems that she has not gotten through to any of the colleges. And for the 2nd episode, she was accepted into veterinary course and attends her first and also the introductory lecture to the course. But she gets a shock instead guess why? v v v v v v v v v the content of the lecture – she hears the words testis, penis, erection, etc. and her facial expression was like Here’s the clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tzu2KP3ZrjM...player_embedded I guess she wasn’t prepared to learn about this right during the introduction lecture. Nicole also revealed that she is not sure if veterinary is her thing since she loves animals but is afraid of blood. ----------------------------------------- Hahahah she's so cute! And so innocent, lol. She looks so studious and hard-working <3
  17. Okay, first of all, i thought that shirt said "love is the movement" and i got excited cuz i have a shirt that says that but it actually says "WWS is the movement " aaand i have no idea what that means but yeah. and secondly, she's sooo cute. this is the part in zoo zoo club where she's like, "this room smells like monkeys!" and then she's like, "it's all monkey! monkey monkey monkey!" she's soo adorable lol even when she just woke up and she's complaining about how bad the room smells. XD
  18. INDEX OF SEUNGYEON'S THREADS Only reply if you have made a new topic/reply with the link to the topic. 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  19. I think she's the only person in the world who can pull of sexy and dorky in glasses at the same time. credits: daum & karaholic and she's not wearing glasses in this gif but her hair is sooo pretty in it so I had to put it somewhere: and whoo~ i changed the title from dorky to sexy because everyone was like, "where's the dorky? i see sexy" (:
  20. So, (thanks anne, for telling me ) SY calls this hairstyle her "minnie mouse" hair. <3 I first noticed it when they were wearing yellow outfits that we called, "tweety outfits." lol :3 It was in one of their Pretty Girl performances. ^i love this gif. :3 she's so cute! ^doesn't it look like she's saying, "what's up, guys?" in this one? :3 bonus: SY with a micky mouse santa hat. credits: naver | daum | karaholic
  21. How are you and KARA similar? do you have: - similar habits - wear the same things? - like the same things? - eat the same things...? haha i was watching zoo zoo club today and i noticed this: if anyone knows korean pastries here, they know that's choco pie! (click HERE to see what choco pie looks like in a box) and i was seriously eating one at the moment, yo. and i was like, "WE EAT THE SAME THINGS." and then i ate like 2 more choco pies. but anyways, yeah. so, what do you notice that are similar between you and KARA? :]
  22. Where to watch HARA on 'RUNNING MAN' with subs? 2nd Episode w/ Hara. 3rd Episode w/ Hara. thanks to iSUBS for subbing RUNNING MAN. UPDATED (click) And our special guest this week is... hara! LOL HARA. She was like "we have to walk there...? Wait, but I wore heels today" XD She almost tripped twice :x Looking for the pigs with money! And Hara finds a room full of pigs, lol. ... but none of them have money But then she finds this other gem~ And this other one, as well! Haha she found 2/3 pigs her team found. And then the other team was like, "darn, you should've been on our team, Hara" XD LOL someone brought a vuvuzela XD LOL AT THE END, she pushed three guys off lol~ she's so strong and competitive -- Running man was incredibly fun and enjoyable to watch. I didn't even notice the time passing, lol. I was laughing like the whole time. lolol. The cast is great, the guests are great, and the MCs are great. And Hara... Hara's really great on variety shows like this, lol. She really knows how to put herself out there and be witty and entertaining and lovable all at the same time. Girl v. girl! haha this was so funny. XD Song Joong Ki is soooo cute. <3 They were looking for the swimming suits. At the pool~ SERIOUSLY I have no idea how she even spotted this one. But her expression when she did -- amazing.
  23. So in this show, KARA baked goods for children at a nearby school. (: Hara and Gyul baked together, (and lol the guy that was teaching them was such a big fan of KARA, he was so cute), and Ham, Jing, and Nicole baked together. (Jiyoung was seriously so adorable. She was like, "Oh, we have give the biggest ones to Gyul and Hara unnis" lskjfklsd <333) A cookie modeled after Hara? haha (: She called it her "Apple Hairstyle" Hara cookie. or something (: There's the cookie that their teacher chef made, the cookie that gyul made, and the cookie that Hara made (: Looking at how delicious the bread looks 8D She's so adorable as a chef! Haha she has the hat and everything. Legit. With her teacher chef and Gyul (: The cake that she decorated! She described it really cutely. She said something about butterflies and stuff, but I forgot what she said ;_; gif update! (anne)
  24. Hara goes DYOONG! from KARA's selfcam 2
  25. UPDATED part 2 of hahamong (click) "lol, are we seriously dancing to Lupin right now?" Trying to sneak back to bed after Haha and Mong wake her up~~ she gets caught and they drag her out again by taking her cell phone. XD Hara getting her precious cell phone back! Trying to sleep some more on the couch. She gets caught/gets woken up again. x) hara predebut!