Original fan or New fan?


Original fan or New fan?  

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I'm a new fan, I knew KARA from Star Golden Bell at 2011 ~ During that time, Nicole as a MC for one segment, Level Eye With Me ~

Nicole, she's trying her very best to do her job, although Korean is her 2nd language.

That time, I didn't know she's from KARA ~

Until I watched KARA Step, I only knew Nicole is one of the KARA's members ! :wacko:

And, Seungyeon, attracts me in the Step MV ^^

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WOW! Lots of NEW FAN here! KEKEKE :gemhappy:

I started to fell in love with KARA not long ago. About a week ago.... My favorite always been NICOLE.. I know KARA for a long time :gemrunaway:

OH___K!!! Now i'm officially a KAMILLA (SOMILLA should i say) Let's hail KARA!!

I say KA~~ you say RA!! KARA KARA KARAHOLIC! <3 :geminluv:

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