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  1. 1. which one is the best for gyuri's couple?

    • Park Jung Min (SS501)
    • Eunhyuk (super junior)
    • Kim Minseo (Kara bakery?)

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i think Eunhyuk would be better, their interactions are priceless... haha and JungMin Gyuri i can only see them as best friends

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EUNHYUK is not sexist! i am an ELF that's why I know, he is kind with women since he has a sister, who he loves more than anything...

HYUKRI for the win, i saw intimate note, sukira, miracle, etc... Jungmin and Gyuri get along but not as a couple. Eunhyuk and Gyuri are something else, they try hard not to look at each other, but they always get caught (sukira) looking at the other while the other one is not looking. plus in Sukira whenever gyuri said soemthing Eunhyuk would pay his whole attention to her, and when someone else talked he'd be staring at paperwork like usual.

Love this couple so much, WGM pair them NOW!


i Forgot to mention... if you look at the new MV kara made for the video game WEONLINE, watch the making and she dances to superjunior, also when eunhyuk is in a radio station when lupin is playing, he'd only sing to gyuri's parts like her ''SHH''

So meant to be ! <3

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I think she will do find with anybody.

With her characters, I think Gyuri's couple will show us different charm.

Me changes every time LOL.

Before I love seeing her with JungMin.

Quite nice to see that oppa from KARA Bakery as well.

Recently hooked with fans MV on her with EunHyuk...

Overall, as long as any guys treat her well, I'm find with it.

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Jung Min & Gyuri because both of them are my ultimate bias and I kind of stan them like crazy. Plus I didn't see the Sukira cut so idk about the Hyukri interactions and I'm a hardcore Eunhae shipper.

Anyone up for Seung Ho & Gyuri??

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:unsure: I think Gyuri and Eunhyuk is not a best couple because Gyuri is so beautiful ( her beauty I rate the score 9.9 points and Eunhyuk (his beauty I rate the score 7 points only). Gyuri may be treat Eunhyuk as a best friend only (I remember, Gyuri used to say that she don't have time for dating. Gyuri! I will support your decision for a guy you love. Edited by Kh-Ratana
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Just take a look at Nocturnal and SSTP! OMG! Eunhyuk expressed so much interest in her in nocturnal! HYUKRI is alive :thumbup:

I do love the Park couple, but Hyukri would be my bias if it was just between Eunhyuk and Jungmin. Jungmin is like an older brother to Gyuri, but Eunhyuk and Gyuri is <3

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We see some unpredictable with blur signs between both..

I see it at Eunhyuk and Gyul..

About which one more good looking, i do believe that Gyul is not someone who dates handsome boys but someone that make her feel comfort...

But still..

Idk..i hope it's

But what can i do? I'm a woman?LOLL

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I voted for JungMin

Keke ,

Jungmin : GODDNESS


Funny couple

So good to be true

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God and Goddesses of DSP are great but romantically HyukRi is just soo perfect for each other..

They complete each other..

100% pure love..

when they're together.. their chemistry rocks =D

Sukira Days, Miracle, Strong Heart, SGB, and and and Nocturnal..

well Yehh I voted for Eunhyuk..

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