[Sungja] What do you miss most about Sungbokie?


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Defenitly .. I would say .. Her alien language ** Bba Bba Ddya Ya ** .. Her voice .. Her gorgeous laugh and smile.. Her random kiss's for the members .. Her dimples .. When she sings out wrong lyrics XD ..Everything .. She's KaRa's vitamin ..

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I wasn't super into KARA back then, when they were a four member group.

Their songs weren't super good D: (sorry, just telling the truth), but I miss

her voice. When I heard one of their songs, I was so impressed with how strong

her voice was. She's gifted with a really pretty face, too. Hah!

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I got to ''know'' her when she allready left the group but when i watched the old vids of kara.

I really miss her!

I miss her voice, she has an amazing voice and her hyper, playfull and always try to kiss gyuri hehehe

I really want her back.

I don't care is she is going to be with kara or solo but i wish solo tho but yeah please come back!!!

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I really miss her voice and personality... when she was around the group seemed way more lively and when they "argue" it was hilariouss

of course the original members still do that now but the new members just sorta take it without "arguing" back xD

so basically I miss the witty banter and chemistry they had with her =[ and the attitude! xD

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Maybe I shouldn't respond to this because I'm a new KARA fan, but probably her singing voice the most, I loved it <3

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i miss everything about her, her loudness, quirkiness, cute yet dorky ways.

i miss Sung Bok oppa that was the first make me love korean music

i miss her "Hi this is Sung Ja" introduction

i miss her ability to fall asleep anywhere, even on a roll of toilet paper

i miss her Ottogi pose in the different episode of selca

i miss her Bbaddaya that makes me jump awake when im drowsy

i miss her a ga la ga du ga la be in selca 3

i miss her weird ways of playing with the other members

i miss her SungRi SungCole and even though there were little to almost none, her SungYeon moments

i miss her funny comebacks

i miss her loud voice

i miss her sudden yell that make me jump backwards in surprise

i miss her cute expressions that makes me laugh and smile

i miss her voice that inspired me to love and appreciate music in a way that i didn't even know was possible

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