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black vs. brown ?   

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  1. 1. which one do you prefer ?

    • Black
    • Brown

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I can't choose..

When Hara is in black hair, her hair looks so silky. So innocent and adorable :D

When she is in brown hair, her hair is usually curled up and she looks attractive and vibrant. haha..

She is just perfect <3

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I'm an Australian and i've been living in Korea for just over a month now. I have seen some of the the most amazing girls i have ever seen before here. Yes i'm very lucky! woo!


*record scratch*

I was recently alerted to the OH MY GOD LOOK AT THE GIRL greatness that is Goo Hara.

*drools for an interminable time at the screen and then refocuses attention*

sorry. *ahem*

I don't speak Korean(only english and the language of love haha) so i've been studying crazy so i can talk to girls. I'm reading Hangul now it's crazy! I have recently googled HARA and much to my happiness I stumbled upon the good folks here at KARAHOLIC where all my GOO HARA dreams are coming true, well, obviously not all of them. *wink*

The first time i witnessed her power was her sporting the straight brown hair. Yeah i've seen her now with black hair and other styles but i think brown or black works for me as long as it's long and straight because it works perfectly with her long and straight body. It completes her methinks.

That being said I'd accept this ANGEL anyway she chooses to grace us with her presence.

Oh... and THANKS everyone here at KARAHOLIC!

you rock!

*thumbs up*

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