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black vs. brown ?   

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  1. 1. which one do you prefer ?

    • Black
    • Brown

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if anyone saw the new preview for the 'pretty girl' mv , you must've notice Hara's new hair , right ?

well , I certainly did ! she's so cuteeeee <3

so the question is : black vs brown . which one do you think look better or do you prefer on her ?







the black color made her look innocent & cute .

but the brown look is too adorable on her also (: !

personally , I cannot pick . but if I had to pick ,

I like the black color on her better !

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stupid firefox.. urg

anyways.. i picked brown just b/c it's DIFFERENT.

duh she was already pretty before but it was too typical Korean beauty-ish lol..

and we all should know KARA aren't no typical Korean girls right? lol

i just wished it was a darker shade of brown b/c she looks super pale..

but love the change :tongue:

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im not going to decide yet... i havent seen her much with brown hair..

but she looks great with brown or black hair.. doesnt really matter... :D

gyul's haircolor is almost like mine :(

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I prefer her with black hair. I think it suits her more.

The brown seems to bright for me, i wouldn't want

To dye my hair that color. Well, that's just me yeah.

But i mean she does look great in both colors.

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I loved Hara w/ black hair. She doesn't look bad now, but that color will take a long time to get used to...If it was a much darker shade I think it'd look a whole lot better. But even then, that orangeish color doesn't really work well for anyone :/

But Hara's a pretty girl so she still looks great even with a different hair color haha.

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Black hair. It goes with her fair skin. I really wanna see her blond. Bet she would look hot still.

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OMG the second little picture with her brown hair is just too cute

I would love to see it in big size T T ~~ she remember me on a really cute little dog which I always want to hug

hope this sound not mean cause she is definetely more cute than a little dog haha ~

but the brown totally win over my heart <3

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i prefer.... i don't really know. she looks good at both colour! awesome awesome! hahahaha. well, hara sure is pretty in their new music video. LOL. haraa suits both hair colour though. hahaha. "if u wanna pretty, every wanna pretty" :D

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