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  1. I thought Cuvilady is the main sponsor for this event. so thus about 30/40% of the production cost and promotion would've been paid by them.
  2. Well you can see from collections of videos from performances to self cams to varieties to interviews. I think they have grown to become the 'yet to be complete' but on their way there. If you monitor each of the member's development, you can see how each members has pretty much developed so much over the past few years. Gyuri - Leader, early days of Kara, she is obscure but is in charge of representing the group during interviews, greetings and announcements. What she developed during Pretty Girls era and onwards is her confidence, her witty remarks (fit for variety) and speaking skills (as a radio DJ and MC for events) Seungyeon - The Core of Kara. Her innocence during the early days of Kara are still there but you can see how she tries many different styles to upgrade her image over the course of Kara's promotion. She has a soft soothing voice when starting out in The First Blooming days, but her voice gradually becomes stronger that puts her as the main vocal for the group. Nicole - The mood maker. In the early days, she's the maknae that is in charge of rapping and vocals. But after Revolution, we begin to see that she's not only there for rapping and vocals but for her dancing ability as well. Her voice has improved as well and is considered one of the lead vocals and whenever Kara perform live, you will notice that Nicole sang the loudest and the most (even with backtracks). Hara - The face of Kara. When she was first introduced as Kara member, Seungyeon was still the face of Kara. But that gradually changes when her stints in variety become more prominent and she's no longer shy or embarrass to show her true self on varieties (MBC Chuseok Special - Female Idol Group Survival Sweet Girl & Invincible Youth). After Pretty Girl, she has become the face of Kara with her doll-like face. Jiyoung - The maknae and the one with the highest potential within Kara. How she's grown to become more womanly. Lupin era is the time where her growth and beauty become increasingly noticed. Now that she has a lot of activities to do individually (acting and IY2), I think she shows the most potential to be popular not only as an actress but as a musician as well.
  3. DVD

    yeah the numbers are still good IMO. they released a lot of stuffs in February and people might have hold back to purchase back to back releases due to financial constraints or the convenience of waiting for another unpredicted future releases by UMJ. Just chill and see what it'll be like in a month or so. longevity will still be there definitely.
  4. Single

    120k first day 300k first week I'm always with my out of the ordinary prediction.
  5. Album

    anyone knows what's the final copies for Girl's Talk on Oricon? saw on Wikipedia that's it has reached 500,000 already?
  6. the encore is a treat for the fans. maybe they will perform more intimately wearing an entire different outfit for the main ones. by looking at the choices and arrangements of the songs, I could predict it like this: the first event of the show will be geared towards chic, fierce and upbeat theme (rock you might be remixed to match this theme). their solo will be entirely different, maybe personalised outfit and stage setups. the second event will be towards cute, innocent and bubbly theme. then mister and step will be towards the urban, upbeat discotheque theme. then the two awesome ballads, outfit all white, princess-y and goddess-y. the encore will be a mixture of everything. so i don't know if they have time to change outfits in between especially during Step to I am...(ing) transition.
  7. I'm sure most of the ballads will be sung in the concert. because it doesn't require dance routines. so that leaves us with the songs that has dance routines that Kara has performed in music shows or during some campus concerts. Step Date My Boy Jumping Burn We're With You Lupin Umbrella Wanna Mister Same Heart Honey Pretty Girl Rock U Japanese releases. Jet Coaster Love Go Go Summer Winter Magic In contention whether they will ever perform songs from The First Blooming. Break It If You Wanna Secret World Don't Be Shy So feel free to add any that I missed. also would love to add some solo time, i'm sure they will give each member one or more solo performances. Gyuri with: I Only Look At You My Love (duet with Jiyoung) Indecisive (duet with any Kara member or with guest appearance of Rainbow's Hyunyoung) Maybe some performance from her 200 Pounds Beauty musical. Seungyeon with: Gijeok Superstar Because of Love Hara with: I Love You, I Want You, I Need You Nicole with: Solo dance performance English songs Jiyoung with: Merry Love (either some male guest or just solo) My Love (duet with Gyuri)
  8. can see Hara gasping for air the entire performance after Mr. And I think Gyuri is lip syncing about 3/4 of the show. but overall great performance.
  9. Album

    so I predicted 400k in a week. but then everyone thought it's too far fetch so I predicted 400k in a month but they did it in half month. amazing, ain't it?
  10. Album

    5 days and it's 225k already. though it's less than what I predicted for a 1st week, which is 400k lol.
  11. ^ it's actually a sample 'yeoww' from one of the girls, nicole could be the highest probability. the producer just place it in most of their songs to give some effects during verse-chorus or bridge intervals. it was more apparent in their Lupin mini-album.
  12. Album

    well they are heavily promoting in Japan, so if they can make it 400k in a week, that should silence the doubters that claims that they are not the no.1 korean girl group in Japan. think of the album as a christmas gifts. I know it's too far fetch but realistically 400k in a month shouldn't be a problem. sorry for being optimistic.
  13. Album

    Well as the above said, Kara is still well received by the public as a group. I'm sure most people would not be interested in their title track, thus the moderate hit of Step in digital charts. But at least if it has longevity on the charts, it proves that they are one of the top groups in Korea. hope they would just start a Step It Up concert tour after their contract in Japan expires/renewed. I think their new contracts' condition will have them make a touring concert in Japan.
  14. Album

    Sometimes I do wonder whether DSP wanted Magic to be their follow-up song after Wanna since there is an instrumnetal of Magic on this album but then Mister kinda became the most popular so they just promote Mister as their follow up.