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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9VJjCKy5nxk "Kiss me, touch me..." lol
  2. I love the Kara originals but I tend lean toward their mixed collabs a bit more; there's something about two mixed genres coming together that's pleasantly surprising. So my most overplayed, much loved Kara covers are: Kara- GOD's Gil Kara- NO BRAIN's Binguel Binguel Nicole and Kang Kyun Sung- Happy And... Jiyoung and Jumper- Dazzling Eyes Seungyeon and Nassun- Come to Play Gyuri and Hong Kyung Min- Day After
  3. I would say Park Jung Min only because I feel like he cares about his members while using a careless manner, he acts arrogant but he's caring, and he has a lot of self-confidence in himself but he also believes in his team. His sense of humor is a lot like hers as well. At first look, JongHoon seems to have more in common with her: leader, good looks, "god"-like foreign looks but I think he's more quiet and seems to share leadership with Hongki. Although Gyul and Hammie are the same age, Gyul is clearly the leader. Key, though one of my favs from SHINee along with JH, is different... it's hard to explain. He's also supremely confident but his sense of humor is different; even though he takes care of his members, his interactions with them are different. I remember when they were taking care of the baby, he seemed very father-like and loving. He teases his members differently though; maybe it's because JH tends to respond to his humor. Whenever Gyul makes a joke, most of the members tend to chuckle or duck their heads lol. They dont really play along...He's not so much a leader; he always seems to have something to prove even though he's the "almighty" lol. I dont know the other two well enough. Seungho, from what I know, is manly but...quiet? I remember that time he sprained (broke?) his rib but he kept up with the game. I admire his skills but I think his strengths are different. He reminds me of Hwanhee from FTTS (only I think HH is more talented lol). Hee-nim is...not Gyuri. All I have to say lol. I think he tends to focus attention on himself (not his fault) and though he's loyal to his members and has a great personality, I think when he's on the screen, he tends to take over. Not like Gyuri who lets others shine.
  4. Normally, as a fan, speculation is sometimes the fun of it. "What new songs are coming out?" "Any shipping going on?" "The girls' next programme?" But, when it comes to serious matters like this, I hate that some people are creating false rumors. Like, I'll be reading a blog, and this person CLEARLY as NO IDEA who KARA is (Calling SY the Maknae?! That should be a clue right there), and they'll have a lot of people supporting their RUMOR. I simply cant understand how something can spread like that. It's not a criticism of any of you guys. I know Kamilia is concerned and we are strong and hopeful. I'm talking about random people on the internet. I wouldnt call them trolls but they're acting similarly. That said, I do hope this gets resolved soon. I hope they stay in DSP as KARA. I hope everyone will be pleased by the end outcome and I hope this doesnt turn fans off from the group. KARA HWAITING!
  5. I've always been into the DSP line (since Sechskies), so I was introduced to Kara when everyone said that they would be the next Finkl. I was never an obsessed fan or even much of a good Kamilia. Just a casual listen who happened to appreciate the girls. They were a constant; the group that went through a lot of trouble during and after their debut but still shined despite all of that. I've seen the group go from barely being recognizable (even up until a year ago, if you typed Gyuri in youtube, you'd get Nam Gyuri and not even one video of Gyuri. When you typed in Nicole or Hara, you wouldnt even get a video. That's how obscure they were.) to being one of the top groups in Korea and by k-ent international fans. So yea, when this news came out, it was shocking, scary, and I was kind of mad. No, I didnt invest energy into the group like a true kamilia would have. But I did follow their activities, I did keep up with their songs, and I was a fan. I still am a fan. But I feel like, sometimes, that all of that was for nothing
  6. yea... I hate that AKP started clouding it's true colors. It was a better website when the original writers wrote the Op-Eds that they actually wanted to lol. Still, it's okay if you're going to read it with an open-mind. That said, as a Gyul and Cole bias, this drama is KILLING me. Right after the first airing of their mega-amazing drama too! Noo! DSP line is truly breaking my heart these days and, while we all had our qualms with that company, I'm really thankful to them for bringing the girls together like this. I honestly, and I guess as a fan this is pretty bad, dont care for the particulars of the case. I just want them to stay together in the end. People calling them K4RA (or now K3RA), people citing that their teamwork will never be the same, etc etc etc. I DONT WORK WITH REALITIES OKAY! Let me be the delusional fan; at least, that way, Kara will still be together </3
  7. I like neris' sig. Can I borrow please?
  8. Wow. I'm so over the drama. DSP line keeps breaking my heart over and over again. So, tell me when this is all over. I'll crawl out from underneath my rock then.
  9. So I watched it yesterday with my sister (who's far more fluent than I am in Korean). It's really cute and I love the storyline. It's quirky but then again, it ~is~ a japanese idol series lol. Nicole as a player was kind of unexpected but also cute. I hope (when it's aired in korea) no one takes it the wrong way lol. Gyuri was full of win though; love her performance!!!
  10. I friggin love Fanboys lol. They're so cutely shameless with their adoration. The hosts were amazing though; they're acceptance of the aegyo was filled with humor. Not all MCs can be like that.
  11. Definitely more inter-company interaction. But then, SS501 isn't part of DSP ent anymore. Boo. I'll say this again and again but while DSP is AMAZING at picking it's members (all of the DSP artists past and present, to my knowledge, have great personalities, interesting backstories, compelling talents, and are all-rounders.) it SUCKS at promotions. I feel like whoever is marketting DSP in Japan should hop on over to Korea to work the same kind of magic. I feel like while Kara (and SS501) captured the foreign market extremely well due to their talent and personality, Korea is skeptical about the impact that these artists have overseas. Maybe it's because these girls (and even SS501) are so down to earth but, whenever they go on shows in Korea, they dont get the same kind of reaction that other groups do.
  12. Shining Melody ftw! But I also love the DSP line love lol. KARA-501, works perfectly if you think about it The fun is mostly in the speculation though; I wouldnt mind anyone who pairs up with our girls in the end as long as they're happy.
  13. Glad we agree @red4summer. This was a great episode and it left a lot of people details to talk about, analyze and over analyze LOL. It seems that I was a bit mistaken about the special; I looked through my vids and it's just a "highlights" episode. Thanks for the help though.
  14. ahh thanks Curbow for clearing that up; it makes sense. I've always wondered but it wasnt on the forefront of my mind.
  15. I was always confused about that. They promote Cole as the "American" one even though Hammie graduated from hs here. Is it, perhaps, because Hammie lived in Korea longer? Or because Cole was born here? Ah well, cute show. I loved the host; he was cracking up when Cole said Hawt-doggu LOL
  16. Everyone's been pointing MC Yoo as an honorary Kamilia but I'd like a special mention for Announcer Jun Hyeonmu LOL I may very well be a delusional Kamilia but I think Jun Hyeonmu took care of Gyul when they were teasing her a bit too much. I'm kinda thankful (even if it was the cost of a peppero kiss ) Great episode. If only I can find that chuseok special... wasnt Kara featured in that as well?
  17. I love how the mom was so chill about the family obsessions lol. Cute. I loved when they were both dancing. And the fanboys dancing to mister!!! Love kara fanboys
  18. Kara is for sure my number one girl group. It has been since they debuted. I havent really felt this way since the older idol groups lol. BUT, I'm all about DSP love lol. Kara is my fav. girl group but not my favorite group over all. :/ I should dedicate more to them lol
  19. I would vote for either Gyuri or Seungyeon. There are way too many cute types on that show right now. I want it to revert back to the season 1 format when there were all sorts of people on that programme. Also, Cole, Hara have their own shows and, while I love Jing, I feel like the Unnie's should have some fun lol. Now that I think about it though, I really do want Gyuri to do something similar. Only not WGM because I feel like that show is not fresh anymore. Maybe another similar type show; It might do for Kara what WGM did for Hyun Joong and SS501 lol.
  20. LOL, talk about small worlds. I guess being Kamilia automatically places you in a special group Thank you soo much for the videos! I'm always in awe of people with skills like that.
  21. I do think perceptions are changing though. Two years ago, if I went to sites like allkpop (which is populated by relatively young, new and international fans of kpop), they would react negatively seeing an artile of Gyuri's. I remember when there was a Come to Play episode with Kara, SNSD, Wonder Girls, people all hated on Gyul. BUT NOW, when I read the comments on sites like that or comments on youtube, people seem to know that her arrogance is part of an act and that it's her charm. I'm glad that they're being understood better and getting more love now.
  22. I love that MC Yoo knew their fan chant. So cute. And Jeon Hyeonmu was refreshing this episode; I love that he compared Gyuri to himself XD What I missed, though, were some of Nicole's responses :/ I really wanted to hear her remarks on certain things and they just skipped her and went onto Jing. Oh well. That's tv! lol. I cant wait for the second part. Darn KBS World and their "wait 3 weeks" overseas schedule.
  23. Sorry if someone else already posted this but you can get ~some~ subs here: http://s7.zetaboards.com/SuperHeroesSubs/index/ You just have to sign into a free account.
  24. haha, thank you soo much for this! I always love seeing KARA's lovely effect on other idol groups Bowtiee, FBG stands for Flower Boy Generation btw. It's a pretty amusing episode because they were talking about kara in the beginning as well lol.
  25. aww! DSP Family love lol. It reminds me of the time when SS501 and Gyuri were on SGB together and Jungmin said that Gyuri was smarter than him lol. DSP knows how to pick their members ^^ I've always loved every single DSP member's personalities...