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      Hey Karaholic! Since all of the members are now with different agencies, we thought it'd be appropriate to create new subforums so members can stay in touch with their activities. Please try to post here from now on with future updates and events.  Here are the new subforums we've created:
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  1. I heard about it and it gonna be epic. i still can't find their performance videos. if anyone got it please pm me. i really want to see it.
  2. season 1 was so amazing but it look like season 1 they just made it for snsd. i don't understand why they put 2 members of snsd? they should put 2 member from kara too. it seem the bias snsd than kara more on season 1. i'm glad that after snsd left HARa get more attention eventhough NICOLE is my bias i still want to praise HARA for her variety attitude. she so natural.
  3. actually i just don't care what song they gonna sing becoz all their song is amazing. It hard to choose which one is good and which one not good. i hope someday they make a world tour concert. they are now a high class artist since ss501 left DSP. their company should make effort to make KARA appear more on TV and make them a new song.
  4. Album

    wow just seeing it makes me more exciting to buy it. it seem they put all KARA best song in 1 place. The girl look stunning in red dress. the colour suit them and it makes them look so fierce but beautiful especially NICOLE my bias.
  5. PROUD to be their fans. Well Kara is a lot better than the original Kara. 5 is better than 4. It rather shock because Kara beat Japanese artist? Hope they can always keep up the good works.
  6. Hardwork pays. I'm not surprise since they are good. Before they release the album, it been a chaos in many KPOP site just because of Kara comeback. Hope they beat 2NE1. Just my thought. Hope Ukiss fan see this.
  7. I will join and show my support for Kara. Please post the link. I hope the fan club in English.
  8. I had the video in HD. Omo Tokyo Dome is extremely huge. Hope Kara can realize their dream to become true. Alway support hem no matter what especially Nicole my favourite fiance :eyelove:
  9. Yay. I never knew DSP was so creative. They should done this long time ago. Hope Kara make tour concert around the work so they can boost their fan base and spread Karalicious.
  10. This photo shoot is super cool. & oh that's where the inspiration came from Really love the eye make up & cannot stop staring at flawless Hara. I wonder why they never pick Nicole to do such thing. She more beautiful than Hara. Please if you had Nicole cool picture please tell me.
  11. Well nothing can be done since Kara got busy with their schedule. She should focus on her singing career than DJ~ing.
  12. Proud to be Kamilia. Please post this news in AllKpop so everyone can see it. Kara now is a major group not like MINOR group like U-Kiss. Hope Ryan S Jhun see this and choke to death. :w00t: :w00t:
  13. What s happy moment. But IU seem to forget Nicole when in Heroes. I watch Heroes episode until 23 and IU and Nicole seem not to close. IU more close to jiyeon since they have the same age. Nicole seem close to Lee Jin. That just my opinion and observation. Well congrat IU.
  14. WOW. DAEBAK. Even though it expensive but it worth it. Baby Jing shirt and autograph :thumbup: Me like it. Hope they put Nicole shirt so I can bid it next time. LoL~ :eyelove: :eyelove:
  15. I watch the episode. I saw her so nervous when she speak to the other guy. I don't know why her screen time is so short. On ther other hand IU and Jiyeon got more airtime. I'm so frustrated every week watch it. Hope they pay more attention to her in other variety show since Heroes is ended. Nicole jjang~ :eyelove: :eyelove: