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  1. i miss sunghee most when i watch their old performances when she was still with them. i just regret the fact that she was so talented and she's not here to show off to the other girl groups that kara can be as vocally powerful as the other girl groups.
  2. when i first saw kara was during the 2007 mkmf. i didnt really pay attention to them since that time i was new to kpop and was all about the boy groups. i started to know them when hara and jiyoung joined the group. i didnt like them at first because i thought they were like a wannabe group copying the others, like mostly hara i really thought she wanted to be like sohee. so i really wasnt a fan at that time. even when honey came out, i was like they're trying to be like snsd now. i didnt like them until they came out with wanna and mister. i started watching their behind the scene stuff, them being on variety shows and i really started to like them. i like how they seem so real and humble, how hard they worked to get where they were, mostly when seung yeon was on strong heart and her story that really pushed it for me . and ive was a fan ever since!!!! i always toon in on all the variety shows that they've been just everything, im not like a hardcore fan that knows everything, but they're my favorite girl group in the kpop world.
  3. big bang all the way!!! i like shinee with kara too but i dont shinee looks a little young for kara, but i really want to see big bang with kara, i guess because ive never seen them together yet. i would really love to see it, you know how they with one another, i think it would be interesting!!!
  4. i would really really love to see them cover a big bang song !!! i think that would be really cool to see!!! i dont know i guess i just really want to see these two groups together thats all!!!
  5. yeah, i always wondered about this tooo! like what if instead kara got tell me and wonder girls came out with break it??? you always wonder would they have been more successful? anyways back to topic, i dont know, snsd doesnt seem, like when i imagine it, it doesnt seem to fit them very well, but i could see kara singing gee, i dont know, maybe its because they're too skinny i cant picture them doing the mister dance, i dont know!!! maybe they should cover it one day!!!!
  6. i think i posted this on the forum about what variety shows should Kara go on, but i didnt know there was this one so ill post here too. i would really like to see Hara on there maybe paired up with seungri, i just think that itll be cute and mostly because maybe theyll have some big bang kara moments, that would be awesome!!!! also i'd like to see gyuri with eunhyuk because ive been hearing alot of rumors that thye may be dating which would be soooo cute!!!!!
  7. i like both, i think they did both concepts really well. although now they fit better with the sexy image since they are cut and lean but they were also very cute during the cute days, which i kind of miss!!!
  8. the number 1 song of Kara's that i could never get tired of....is Pretty Girl. i love this song because i love waiting til the end when they go yeah...ye..e yeah yeah... i dont know i just love that part!!! but i like all of their songs just this one the most i guess!!
  9. i voted for Hara, because i really love her eyes, i think that they are the most cat like out of all the members!!!
  10. i remember seeing their old dorm in the idol big show, i loved jiyoung's bed, but dang their new dorm is even nicer!!! the atmosphere seem so nice. i would so love to live their!!!
  11. the person that caught my attention when i first saw Kara was sunghee. during the 2007 mkmf. i thought she was the prettiest then, and then i started watching their performances i really fell in love with her voice, although i didnt really start to love Kara until later on i really thought that sunghee was gonna go far, too sad that shes not in the group anymore. she would have the most powerful voice out of all the female artist, instead of taeyeon!!
  12. i want to see them on we got married too, it would be interesting to see hara and seung ri as a couple since they both know eachother well and are both from the same place. and maybe come to play on their own not with other groups!!!
  13. i actually can distinguish all of their voices, i mean at first it was hard, but now they are really easy to tell which is which, maybe i just listen to their songs too much!!!
  14. i really like nicole's body because its not too thin its just perfect, but i just hate that shes achieving the look in a bad way. i wish she could do it the healthier way, but i guess pressure. i also like seungyeon's and jiyoung's body because they too have a body not too thin and perfect but i like nicole's more. and hara's a little to small, her legs are too thin.
  15. Okay, at first when i first heard of Kara was when i saw their MV for hone, and i had to admit that i didnt really like them. but as i started watching them looking more into them like watching them on variety shows and stuff, i found that they were actually real. not like the others pretending and acting fake. i love how strong they were when no one paid attention to them, always believing and fighting to show everyone their talents. They never gave up, and thats why their as successful as they are now. I'm their biggest fan now!! Kara always fighting!!!