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  1. The gif where she makes a heart with her arms with the little girl? Too cute for words! She's so lovely.
  2. Natural beauty for sure! Her skin! Wow. And, I don't know, but her face seems really symmetrical too. They say that that's beautiful too!
  3. Oh wow! I think they do look a like. Some of their features are really similar. But I think if you look really closely, you can tell them apart.
  4. I just HAVE to say...OMG. Hair envy. Her's is just beautiful and so luscious! She really is gorgeous.
  5. She's older than me! But thank you for all the information about our resident Goddess. It's been really helpful!
  6. I agree with most people too. I think that while most other groups are mainly just cutesy, KARA is really cool and fierce.
  7. Well, they're doing pretty amazing in Japan right now aren't they? Like, lots of success. I think they should totally give the USA a shot. They've definitely got what it takes.
  8. I'd have to say Mister. I'm kind of obsessed with that song. It's just so great to listen too.
  9. Take them to an amusement park or something. Just so we can have heaps of fun! Go on rides, take lots of photos. I love the carnival atmosphere.
  10. 2pm? SHINee? So many options! For guys, I reckon 2pm. Get some beast into there. For girls, hehe. SNSD would be really cool.
  11. Nope. I wish so bad I could though. I think I'd totally freak out! It would make my day.
  12. To be honest, no. I saw some of their vids on youtube, where they had the cute concept. I dunno, it just didn't sit well with me. But then I saw Mister, and BAM. Totally loved them. To me, a much better concept for them.
  13. I'm 1988 too! Same as Gyul and Saungyeon too. Pretty cool to be their age!
  14. Haha. It varies like all the time. Right now, Nicole. Loved her on star golden bell!
  15. Butt dance of course! The Mister dance is really cool. I love their outfits too. So simple, yet really effective.