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  1. Quote I seriously can't agree with this, it's so easy to make assumptions. As much as we have established a fanship and love them, they can have their own interests and can go their own paths. I genuinely believe that they are close like sisters. And siblings can go their own ways and do what they want. They will always be KARA and thats unchangeable truth. Thats why even though it's depressing and sad, we have to support them in all of their decisions because they have the right to it.
  2. Super impressed with this album, especially Damaged Lady. I didn't expect this, with the whole concept pictures that were released first, but I'm glad that it came out this way. I grew to like Pandora, probably because it had the same formula as Step, but I instantly like Damaged Lady.
  3. Oh dear, it's not music video vs photobook vs extra song this time? I can't decide which one to pick, I want all three editions!!
  4. Where is Hammie? I wonder what she's doing... her secret thing maybe? Great performance regardless, it's very interesting to see the others do her part.
  5. Oh! Finally more news about this after all this time! I'm definitely going to watch this, they get to voice as themselves! And is that Seungyeon fighting aliens in one of those pictures?! That's gonna be so awesome!
  6. Hi, I added you, I hope we can be friends :)

  7. I picked Go Go Summer! I've been addicted to it lately and I suggest Electric Boy, also very very addicting!
  8. Thanks for sharing this! Man, I really wish I could understand it This is the Kara documentary right?
  9. Girl's Power. I really like it and I've been voting for it ever since it got on the rankings! (plus, even before that I was recommending it to go on). Um, the next song I would pick would be.. Electric Boy.. it was a bit weird at first but I'm really growing to like it!
  10. Well.. Those preview pictures are definitely anime style.. I wonder what the plot will be. I hope it'll be interesting!! Can't wait to see more!
  11. Ooh! I really like the Type B jacket.. but I'm definitely getting type A!
  12. Hahaha, this was kinda awkward to do.. anyways, I got Gyuri which makes sense!
  13. After becoming a Kamilia... well through Kara, I got into Kpop in general, my friend tried to convince me to get into kpop through many other artists but no one really got through. And when I got into Kpop, it pretty much opened up to the whole genre, no one as much as Kara, but still. Yea, I guess the difference would be that I now have this section as part of my life too!
  14. Oh, it would be really cool if they had the time to re-release Kara4's album. I would definitely want to hear "If U Wanna" just like how "Break It" was on Karasia. But then, wouldn't redoing the album kind of be "forgetting" about Sunghee? Of course, I would love to hear the original songs live or something, they would probably all have to be completely remixed just to fit 5 members instead of four though.. really interesting idea regardless, it would be very cool if anything near to redoing the album actually happened.