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  1. I dont miss her,sorry i mean when i come into kpop Kara was 5 so i didnt have time to get know her.
  2. Pretty girl, i hated those outfits, and there was a lot of mistakes... I remember when Hara completly lost in choreo
  3. I voted for Hara's pretty eyes, it's pure beautiful. But all have very pretty eyes
  4. If this would be promotion it would look "otherwise" it would be CF. Its just sponsor, if idol show with shirt etc it could make someone want buy from this shop , and idol getting money for it.
  5. At first look u can see Gyuri "Leader aura". I think it's becouse of her goddes & mature image.
  6. Yigemwoya from Rock u, i like most of KARA song's but i hate this one.The remix was even worse.
  7. Of corse(even if Kpop is not popular in my country,i showing them) They must know, they can not listen them but dont hate. Actualy all my friends have they fav KARA song, I always trying to make my friends E.L.F & Kamilia with no result - . - but they like they songs esp STEP, Lupin and Jumping.
  8. "You're HaRa! You're beautiful, a great dancer and somewhat quiet. You're very sweet, dorky and fun." ok i can
  9. Yeah i tried for all songs,even when im a boy xD i just love them too much♥
  10. Step(special edition) It looks great, all my friends who looking at my cd's love this one.
  11. Intro+Lupin Jumping Love Is Pretty Girl <solo for all girls> ... Step Rider/or Follow me <dance battle> Strawberry Date Winter Magic Go go summer Jet love coaster Burn Wanna Mr Dear Kamilia ♥