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  1. Username: bobmcbob118 Message: have a very happy birthday ^^
  2. Wow shes so pretty now Not that she wasnt pretty before but she looks like a proper lady now ^^
  3. But Edge works pretty well...... Its slow but it works well I wonder what Korean 2G speeds are like..... (Probs like Australian 4G )
  4. Next time you are around you should shout and impress all the new members with being an old-timer.

    1. bobmcbob118


      hehehehe :P I should XD Maybe Ill start a sentence with In my times....... ^^

  5. I think and this is just wishful thinking but let's finish what we started
  6. I had no idea it ended so I only got to see its comeback stage
  7. Really Hara and Tomochin? They are like night and day though o.O
  8. easy step 1. Smash your computer screen Step 2. Cry yourself to sleep after smashing the computer screen Step 3. Win?
  9. Gah watching all Gundam and becoming a Gundam Otaku would be really hard work. I dont think she would have time to watch all of it.
  10. Buisness 101 listen to the person with the MBA
  11. You know what we should totally do this, Tweet her and see her response ^^