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  1. Merry Xmas to all of you! Be positive, good things are always bound to happen sooner or later.
  2. This woman want to kill me... I love all the photos after her solo debut... but THIS photo.
  3. When I first heard from this I wasn't sure if it was going to be good or not but I had to buy it if only to support the girls. When I heart the medley I was sure I wan't going to like it because it's not my kind of music. Then the album arrived and it was so huge and I had no idea it came with such a big photobook and it's gorgeous OMG every cent spent in Hara's album was worth it and I ended up liking all the songs too. I guess te medley was awful I'm looking foward for new Hara album or maybe a Gyuri solo debut? I can dare to dream~
  4. I love this one~~ these girls And this with YoungJi~
  5. This make me laugh a lot. She was very dork
  6. Blonde Hara.... is the best. I love this session~
  7. I didn't like YoungJi when she joined in Kara, it wasn't my favorite in the KARA Project and I felt very upset when she was announced like the winner. I give her a chance and I'm glad that she didn't dissapoint me. In Mamma Mia she was so flawless... but that wasn't enough for me. Then... she caught my heart in roommate. When a I saw her.. interacting with other people, her personality, her laugh <3 and... her dorkiness... I fell in love with her. She's so... weird to be an idol, but she's a rookie and that is why I love YoungJi. She don't have a filter when she's speaking or doing other stuff, see her real personality make me love every aspect of her. I like her so much more now and I'm so happy that she joined KARA. This kind of stuff make me love her: She's a really cute kid and she's making more and more beautiful. And now I'm going to see her webdrama <3
  8. I don't think they'll disband just yet. They got a new start with Youngji and they're having more and more gigs on other areas. They still have the chance to do a lot as KARA and develop on the individual side. I'm sure they'll renew and will get a contract that suits their needs and wishes. Because honestly, without KARA, the DSP is done.
  9. Thanks for sharing with eng sub. I was looking for the live action <3
  10. Hara hurt me with her beauty, isn't my bias but... She's a beautiful woman... and she's so pretty without makeup