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    i am seungyeon hard fan..hi

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  1. i totaly love this show..we can see hammie more and i hope they dont cut her part....she and niel so cute..but the main mc..look like seungyeon also..
  2. Happy Birthday ... (I'm late this year, but better than never)

  3. yes.i dont believe either..but the rating seriusly no joke..so high...but oh yeon seo so alward with seungyeon coz they r dont have much scene...btw cannot wait for next drama or musical....
  4. jang bori extent 2 more ep..they get 37.1 in last night..hi..but i wish they give more geonil and hammie part..hu
  5. they only won in show champion right???not music bank..music bank is teamin.. but i really want the won more...why must kara comeback with stronger idol...not fair 2012-psy... 2013-gdragon 2014-super junior and winner(yg) all from big company..not fair..
  6. hammie deserve that..she is super bz with drama...3 drama in 1 year...many mv..many concert in japan...with magazine..i think she has 4 or 5 this year right...she really work hard ok..that why she deserve that...i think she is 1 st female idol who buy really expensive building..hara buy cash bcoz only 1.2. bilion.yuri snsd 1.7 b,snsd seohyun 1.2 b,jesicca 1.4 b,jyj junsu 2.3 b,jyj jaejoong 3.2 b,boa 2.7 b, kim hyun joong 2.3 b !!!but they r buy vila or house..only seungyeon buy building...top and gd also get building but i dont know the price..
  7. you see the uncut one..how is that??any romantic scene???i want to see that..but i cannot...help me plizz...