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  1. thank you for the news. i really liked how they showed a lot of hara on the sweet girls show everybody knows how strong hara is now!
  2. YAY!!! congrats to the girls after all their hard work! i'm so glad to hear that they got #1 after coming so close with pretty girl. i'm also glad to know that they have a lot more fans now go kara!
  3. thank you, the voicemail is pretty cute haha
  4. her aegyo is like super boosted by here eye smile
  5. i love the first one . the one with the cell phone makes her look a lot more mature though, i don't know why haha.
  6. haha her "yay!" expression looks like it's straight out of an anime . sooo cuttteee
  7. i like all her hair styles, but i like option 6 the best because she looks a little older with that hairstyle so it's kind of like seeing a fresh side to her
  8. i completely agree, her smile is contagious!
  9. lol she was even cuter back then! didn't think that was possible *gasp*
  10. haha i was really surprised when i saw that episode. even the newspapers made several headlines about the incident . go hara!
  11. i think both suit her perfectly well. the brown one makes her seem more "comfortable"-looking though, like softer, i guess.
  12. i think the pose is just right for her haah. it highlights her adorable smile
  13. woa, i didn't know she took acting classes, and she looks like she worked so hard (not that others didn't or anything)
  14. i saw this perf and was scared somebody was gonna fall. i'm really glad hara didn't fall and hurt herself. but i feel bad cuz i heard she cried for an hr after the performance when it wasn't really her fault.