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  1. Out of curiosity, how have other singles/cds been doing ever since the Japan crisis? Because I know a lot of Kamilians are planning to buy more than they were initially now that KARA announced they're donating it the Japan. And I agree with red4summer. It's been too long since I've seen all 5 of our girls on stage
  2. OMO OMO OMO OMO The new site is DAEBAK!!!!! I really have given up on a new layout and this was the BEST surprise EVER! I'm so happy! AND YES THE SLIDING FEATURE IS AWESOME Thank you guys SO much for your hard work!! BEST LAYOUT EVER
  3. Thank you so much! I already read the subbed messages but I want to hear it from Kara now >< I already teared up just reading what they said to each other ;__;
  4. It's not leaked guys - 24th is a holiday so ALL (as in KARA and other artists as well) the cds that were going to be released on that day is moved up to the 22nd Hopefully JKamilia know about this so they can start buying like crazy! ^^
  5. I miss everything about our Sungbokie I miss her loudness, I miss her random spazzes, I miss her jokes, and I miss SungRi. I loved SungRi so much I miss her vibrant personality and I miss her voice. I love Kara as they are now but sometimes...when their old songs pop up on my mp3, I can't help but think what if she came back...what if things turned out differently. Sungja, please update your cyworld so Kamilia can make sure you're happy and healthy!
  6. I really really really really miss our Sungbok She was my favorite for the longest time and I was absolutely heart-broken when I found out she was leaving I wish she would update her cyworld so we can at least now how she's doing - Sungbok ah~ We miss you
  7. When Hara and Jiyoung first joined, I couldn't see Sunghee joining again. Their image during Pretty Girl and Honey was just too different. They were both essentially Kara but just two different types of Kara. But then after Kara moved onto their strong image...OMO...especially Lupin I can totally see Sunghee pulling off that concept! Sunghee trained in dance for many years so she definitely would not have trouble keeping up with the choreography I don't think Hara and Jiyoung will be pushed to the side because they're VITAL to Kara now. When they first joined during Rock U, it felt like they were just replacements for a previous member, but that is so untrue. You can't take either of them away without changing what Kara is and what Kara stands for IF Sunghee does come back, I would rather her go solo than be in another group. Call me selfish but to me, she is ALWAYS and always WILL BE a KARA member
  8. OMO Goddess Gyul At first I was horrified at DSP for dying her hair but after the colour set in...and after the shock wore off...I officially decided it was the best move EVER LOVE Gyuri blonde - she looked SO beautiful in the MV
  9. YAY! I'm so happy! After Karaya disabled right-clicking I thought I was going to cry So many pretty pictures but I can't save?! Tease.
  10. Gyuri's eyes are so unique - actually, all of her features are! lol I love her cat eyes <3 Our goddess is fierce!
  11. I looove Gyuri with minimal to no-makeup She's just gorgeous! Her heavy makeup is good too but I loved her debut image Shiny straight hair with only a teensy bit of makeup <3 GYURI JJANG
  12. Gyuri's deeper quotes scare me I wish we can be there to comfort here when she feels like this - I hope she knows that we'll always be there for her if she needs a shoulder to lean on! >< Or she can always go find baby Jing and make her do aegyo keke
  13. LOLOLOL. Oh Kara <3 First it's Nicole and now it's Hara. Hahaha why do they always fall at random times? <3
  14. Hahaha yeah! I've always noticed that Hara tends to pout a lot For some reason, she just looks super cute when she does it!