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  1. Thank you so much for uploading this! Really love this remix, it was great! Thank you!
  2. hello~ been wandering around kh and got stuck in songbox XD anyway, are you done with step album's lyrics? willing to help here in the color coding :)

  3. Hi! Could you please update the "step" album lyrics?^^ There are a few posts there. I got two of the songs there too.

  4. tks a lot! i edited your name on it. take a look!

  5. oh, 1991! i was born in this year too

  6. hello dear, you started the topic: Han Seungyeon's Because of Love lyric / Warrior Baek Dongsoo's OST?

    Please take a look for my comment : I made the romanization for that song. You can put that in your topic. :D

  7. Hello, yes, I know that that song is sung by 5, but can you let me sing it, and even sing it on Spanish alone? (Beacuse I don't have 4 Kamilia by my side to do it)

  8. i kinda worry too, because they said that they really transforming but just for Lupin, the 4 other songs in the album still like the old concept
  9. hehehehe, absolutely no.1 this time. the music is great, the concept is wow, no doubt, they're on the top
  10. I,myself love Honey a lot, since i knew Kara from Pretty Girl, but most all the time I listen Honey, and now Mister, my playcount for 2 songs is over 1000 times...Now Lupin's coming
  11. First!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Hurray, my first First since i sign in!!!! Wow! Romantic bad girl? Which means the "Honey" concept is spoiled? anyway, everything has 2 sides, Kara is both good
  12. how the boy will sing on Mister? Miss-es??? Wow, i totally fall into their voice and appeariance, no matter what concept
  13. I think there's something wrong. That part is Nickhun's, not Taecyeon, please check again!