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  1. Name: Hannah Dy Country: Philippines Message: Happy birthday Seungyeon! No matter how old you get, you just don't seem to look like you're getting older ㅋㅋ I've been a Kamilia since 2009 and I applaud your constant effort to make KARA well known. You are really KARA's protector! I can't imagine KARA without its hamster ㅎㅎ Always remember that Kamilias are here for you, no matter how far we are from you. From now on, I hope we only make happy memories that we can never forget. 사랑해요 한승연! 카라 멋지다! (I hope you find a boyfriend now ㅋㅋ)
  2. Thanks for sharing!! I've been looking for this days ago
  3. i'm supposed to do my projects due tomorrow but i can't since kara's perfection is too much they all look soooooo beautiful in those suits!! i mean how.....
  4. if i were jiyoung, i won't take the role myself too... i mean if you're busy with kara activities and this will just make your commitment to your group less, then just let it go~ it would be nice to see jiyoung in iris 2 but i don't want her to go out missing from group activities cause of this role that they don't even 110% like... i like people sticking to their pack a lot haha just my opinion~
  5. woooot~~~~ goddess as the lead? wow~~~~ nail salon so i'm guessing that her role would be sassy and stuff? who knows but for sure, she'll do great! 2013 is starting to be a great year for kara as i see
  6. let's go 2013~ :DD

  7. i'm so jelly!! okay, if i can ask kara bbs one question....: how does it feel to be part of kara? - tbh i don't know what i'll ask them if ever i got the chance. just seeing them in person will make me melt >_< anyway, good luck on the interview!!
  8. that's soooo nice of kara angel 스릉흡니당 hahaha~~ kamilias all around the world are all nice so i love you guys XDD
  9. woooooot~~~~~ our bbs will be back!!! i hope they make a comeback this autumn tho.. cause tons of other singers are gonna have their comeback this summer... the fight for music show slots and all~~ anyway... SOLOS!!! i hope dsp will release awesome MVs for each member~~ liking hammie's track a lot
  10. thank you guys!!!! our subbing team is awesomeeeee~~~~~~ another kara vid to watch ^^ i do wish that dsp release a dvd of the 611 fanmeeting and clips of karasia! if ever they do, we'll all surely buy, right?
  11. i see baby jing a lot i'm surprised hara isn't in the cool section tho... she's like kool hara lol very punny x_x and our fake maknae is missing!!
  12. aweeesomeee~~~~ thank you DSP!!! they got better as an agency, right??? i wonder who will partner up with Nikori.... i'm supeeer excited to hear their new album~
  13. O_O KARA! YOU BETTER HAVE AN ASIAN TOUR OR ELSE! >:DDDDD Kamilias will all cry and will result to a worldwide flood, lol. Anyway, i wish KARASIA will become an Asian tour and stop by at the Philippines!!
  14. wooot! score for baby jing~~~~ i mean, she's really awesome and random! people aren't just aware... make us all laugh jiyoung-ie!!!
  15. OH YEA!!! sooooo gooood news~~~!!! 4 million's a huge numba XDDDD i read that digital sales like downloads for PCs and ringtones determines the artist's popularity in Japan because Japanese peeps mostly prefer digital than physical~ like downloading than buying physical albums...