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  1. Happy Birthday, if it is your birthday. :rolleyes:

    1. Emperor Ryu

      Emperor Ryu

      No, it's not, but thanks anyways.  :jogging:

  2. Sheesh. Pengu's lover. Lol.

  3. The Satsui no Hado, i have mastered it. And i have came back, to find that you are gone.

  4. Good evening Master Oolong, i have come to offer my visit.

  5. Keep it simple, the Tuna war, my Jing reign, and all the time in shoutbox. Even managed to learn a few from fellow Kamilia. akuNinja, AppleJajing, Bboywing, Deaththekid, edr, Eljunra, hanuel, ilovekaramorethanthebeatles, Jappy, JinJing, LLL168, Mark rafael, NARKARA, Palaverist, Pengu & TOH JING HEN, Ronald222, Yongery, Whispering Angel, all the tunas, all the mods... Yep. Those are the important ones matter to mention. And JiYoung is still mine.
  6. TWICE : ChaeYoung Tzuyu

  7. I wont say i am a game programmer, but more of a game editor. I grab other works and complie them, but i do know some of the program codes to edit what i want, and also learning more to become a pro-editor.

  8. Date: 2014 08 03 JiYoung Instagram 皆、スピリッツチェックしてね He is in Spirits Magzine with me as well #スピリッツ#レオン#KangLeon レスリーさんレオンとの撮影楽しかったです‼皆さん是非チェックしてください #スピリッツ#LeslieKee#KangLeon #レオン#知英#Jiyoung https://t.co/gewWwbN6rm
  9. Date: 2014 08 01 JiYoung Instagram 안녕 ⛄友達の#白ぴょん ですっ。
  10. Date: 2014 07 24 JiYoung Instagram 여러분 안녕하세요. 오랜만에 이렇게 글 쓰네요 잘 지내고 있죠? 저는 아주 잘 지내고 있어요 7월 24일인 오늘은 정말 특별한 날이에요. 소중한 사람들에게 축하하고 싶은 날이고 저 역시 많이 축하받은 날이랍니다!! 데뷔하고 7년이라는 시간이 지났다니 정말 믿겨지지 않을 정도로 시간이 빠르게 느껴지네요. 지금까지 저를 믿고 지켜봐 주신 분들께 진심으로 감사드립니다♡ 그리고 오늘은 제가 출연하는 드라마 민왕이 첫 방송이랍니다. 영화 암살 교실이 다음 달 드디어 한국에서도 개봉하니 많은 관심 부탁드릴게요. 더 열심히 해서 한국에서도 좋은 모습으로 찾아뵐 것 약속할게요. 항상 열심히 노력하겠습니다. 今日は私のデビュー7周年です。デビューから、応援して支えてくださる方達に、本当に感謝します。皆さんのお陰で私は今ここにいます。皆さん本当にありがとうございます今日はいよいよ民王も初放送ですよ。是非みてくださいねこれからもどうぞよろしくお願いします
  11. Date: 2014 06 30 JiYoung Instagram #知英#GROWUP#JIYOUNG#강지영 この本では私の全てを見せちゃいます。ソウルの大好きな場所や、私が留学していたロンドン、初めて行った沖縄など、私の思い出の場所や、 今まで見せたことのない写真全部入ってます #レオン もいるよ #知英#GROWUP#JIYOUNG#강지영
  12. Date: 2014 06 28 JiYoung Instagram Summer is here #NSYoonG#NS윤지#꿀썸머#honeysummer @ns_yoong96
  13. Date: 2014 06 19 JiYoung Instagram Hello My dear Ya!! I am involved in creation of all my merchandise from the conception and the design stage! This one is no exception.This product is build-to-order. After the end of order acceptance period,please expect about 3 weeks for it to ship! I know it's sooo cool *Compatible with iPhone5/5S & 6 Place Order by: June 19, 2015 to July 10, 2015 - 3 weeks period (Japan local time) Please check it out ✔ http://www.official-store.jp/jiyoung-en/products/detail.php?product_id=12 http://www.official-store.jp/jiyoung-en/products/detail.php?product_id=13 #Jiyoung#Bicycle#강지영#知英#다들보고싶어요#난잘지낸다고뿅
  14. Date: 2014 06 18 JiYoung Instagram How are you doing? ☺ #NikeXSacai ❤❤
  15. Date: 2014 06 14 JiYoung Instagram #심쿵#heartattack#胸きゅん #KangLeon
  16. Date: 2014 06 12 JiYoung Instagram Dear all my fans around the world Thank you so much for supporting Me! We finally start an online store all over the world. We really appreciate that We have received lots of requests from overseas. All goods are produced by Me and I hope all of you enjoy our online store. Thank you ♡ http://www.official-store.jp/jiyoung-en/
  17. I will chat here instead then. Shoutbox is too messy.

  18. Date: 2014 05 09 SeungYeon Instagram 너 쫌 잘생긴듯
  19. Big Bang totally slayed the build up in Bang Bang Bang.....but the chorus...what a letdown. :'(

  20. Date: 2014 05 18 Hara Instagram 어딜보고있던거양
  21. Back in business.