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  1. Hey, I wanna know if there's a deadline to send the pictures? I wanna participate, and will share the project with other kamilias too!!!
  2. hello! I think I saw you on youtube!

  3. Name: Diego Country: Brazil Message: Happy Birthday Seungyeon! Thank you very much for always working hard and giving your best! Kamilia loves you and will always be here for you! Come to Brazil one day, we are waiting for you ㅋㅋㅋ! We love you!!
  4. Happy 8th Anniversary KARA!!! I'm really happy that I could enjoy all of this 8 years of great music and enjoy the great people you 4 are!! And I hope we can have more 8 years of KARA!!
  5. Oh, OK, thank you very much!! So let's keep voting, we have 2 more days! We are now 2% from TTS, we are still increasing! Let's vote, and we'll make it!!!
  6. Hey guys, has anybody discovered how to vote on the Seoul Music Awards?! Thanks!
  7. YoungJi must be loving all of this!! I saw a picture of her fans and there were so much!!! I would like to know... do you know where I can see the status of KARASIA tickets sales? Thanks!!!
  8. YoungJi is all over Korea!!! Variety, MC, Mv's of other groups!! It's great she is getting known by the public!!!