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  1. I wonder what is the criteria but I'm definitely a newbie haha
  2. I can definitely distinguish the voice of Gyuri when I first listen to Kara musics. Her voice is so unique! I can also distinguish Jiyoung's voice most of the time because her voice is similar to boa's. Actually now I can distinguish all of them! Hara and Youngji was the hardest because their voice is very similar.
  3. PARK GYURI I was literally shocked by her face and attitude!
  4. Nicole's smile is soo bright that I become blind
  5. I like both but I think there are some members who doesn't that fit cute concept.. but every member fits mature concept!
  6. Mamma Mia is not my favorite song, but it's really hooky and cool. I also like the choreography. The choreo of Korean version and Japanese version is slightly different, but I love both. And the lyrics are so good!!
  7. Nicole obviously haha Gyuri and Hara are also extrovert I think. Seungyeon seems so much like she's introvert.
  8. Step choreo is so cool and sexy at the same time. I like the part that all the members gather and chill!
  9. 1. Gyuri 2. Nicole / Hara 3. Jiyoung 4. Youngji 5 Seungyeon Of course I love all of them! There's tiny gap between each ranks
  10. Gyuri!! I heard that once she start drinking, she drinks until the next day morning. I really love alcohol too, so I want to drink with her one day.
  11. The score shows there are many teenagers, but this thread is too old so I want new poll.. I'm almost 24! anybody else?
  12. When I saw their MAMA stage, I recognized I loved Kara for a long time. I just realized I was latent kamilia haha
  13. I'm Gyuri biased, but I think Jiyoung's really really photogenic. Her posture and the naturalness is amazing. I especially like her photobook pictures.