[2011.02.23] KARA Best Clips


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KARA released a video clip collection titled, “KARA BEST CLIPS“, on 2011 February 23rd. It consists of eight music videos. There are two versions: “Limited Edition” which includes a bonus DVD of interview to the members (with Japanese subtitle) and “Regular Edition”. Both versions have different cover jacket.


  • Mister, Jumpin’ (Japanese)
  • Jumpin’, Lupin, Wanna, Honey, Pretty Girl, Rock U (Korean)

Please support:
AmazonJapan: Limited Edition, Regular Edition
CDJapan: Limited Edition, Regular Edition
HMVJapan: Limited Edition, Regular Edition
Yesasia: Limited Edition, Regular Edition


KARA Best Clips 2 & Shows

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Glad you and I think alike red4summer. I felt like since KARA Best Clips deserved its own thread, especially since it's currently topping the Oricon DVD daily charts. 3 days #1 in a row, and competing against DVD's released on the same day...looks like KARA is a shoo-in for the weekly #1 *knock on wood.* Too bad the chart doesn't list sales though.

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it's a crazy market, where do they come from?

how can (old) mvs sell so fast & many? it's even better than her (new) japanese album!

an amazing feat by our girls. umj must be laughing all the way to the banks!

thanks for the confirmation, adrian!

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