[2012.01.11] KARA To Hold First Asia Concert Tour


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We recently reported that KARA will be holding their first solo concert in Korea on February. The girls will take the stage of the Olympic Gymnasium in Seoul for their two-day concert called "KARASIA" starting February 18th to 19th.

Moving beyond Korea, KARA is planning to extend the tour around Asia. A representative stated on January 11th, "KARA has held a lot of fan meetings that were like concerts but they have never done full-scale concerts. The group has become as one of the leaders of Hallyu, this year they will prove that by meeting fans in various Asian countries."

Although the exact dates for the KARASIA tour are still being scheduled, KARA revealed that they are planning to hold concerts in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Thailand starting in April.

Meanwhile, ticket for KARASIA in Seoul will go on sale starting January 10th for fanclub members only, while the rest will be able to purchase tickets from January 12th.

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- Outside Korea, KARASIA goes to 5 other cities, including Japan.

- KARASIA = KARA + Fantasia&Asia

- My understanding from some sites, there's a possibility of a 6th city.

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I hope the 6th city is Manila, Philippines. HAHAHAHA!

well~ anyway, I hope I can come to Thailand If i have the chance :)

Finally, our lovely girls, KARA will be having their first ever concert since their debut :)

It would definitely be one of the memorable events in every KAMILIA's heart :)

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yeah I glad that the girls are finally expand and having a tour. I was wondering when the girls are going to have a tour, and it finally come true. I think KARA would have more days in japan and korea. China would be interesting since I don't think the girls really go there much, but with the concert it may boost their popularity. Hong Kong would be great, since they been there had some exposure there. Taiwan it would be the first time, that they been there, but they already popularity there because of step(hope that they go on the 100% enternment, since it seem like everyone would go on there). And Thailand, the girls are popular there to, been there a couple times. Wondering if KARA is going to have brush up on some of the lanuage. Since the girls are already going to be able to speak in japan and korean, maybe they are going to brush up on some mandarian.

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man i was hoping they would go to kmf this year in april in LA but thats out. hopefully they're do a concert in LA! if they are..gotta prepare my oxygen tank now hahaha!

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You people in Asia are so freaking lucky :crybaby: Don't waste this opportunity and go show KARA your support ok? You guys have to do all the cheering and screaming for those of us who can't be there. :moody:

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