[Jingly] Official Jingly "Full Bloom" 4th Korean Comeback


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KARA chooses masculine concept in 'suit-look' for their September comeback


After a long, long wait from all Kamilia, KARA is finally having their Korean comeback!


It's been almost a year since the girls' "Pandora" promotions, and KARA has finally released a teaser image for their comeback! The girls haven't revealed a specific date except that it'll be in September. The comeback will be a full album. 




All the girls got decked out in suits, and they look amazing as the 'male' KARA! It looks like they're going for a boyish look this time around. Stay tuned on allkpop for more KARA comeback news!





KARA's Official Facebook and Me2day Accounts!

KARA joins Facebook and Me2day!
Girl group KARA who is getting ready for their comeback has joined Facebook and Me2day. The two accounts were both created on the same day.
To greet their fans and let them know that the account are official, they posted on Facebook"How are you? This is KARA's official Facebook account. All the news about KARA will be posted here. Please show us lots of love." and on me2day "DSPKARA's me2day is now open!" assuring fans that the accounts are legit.
Check out their Facebook and me2day. http://www.dkpopnews.net/2013/08/karas-official-facebook-and-me2day.html



KARA to live stream their comeback showcase

You've been waiting a year for this Kamilias so listen up! KARA will hold a showcase for their comeback on September 2!
SEE ALSO: KARA chooses masculine concept in 'suit-look' for their September comeback
The comeback showcase will be held at UNIQLO-AX Hall, Seoul on September 2 to celebrate the release of their 4th full-length album. The showcase will incorporate their boyish concept as hinted by their previous teaser image and will be streamed live throughNaver.
Since the comeback date is on the 2nd, this probably means their release will be happening around the same time frame, so keep your eyes open for updates!


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@ Everyone, Do you know NOW why Jiyoung exercised to removed her face-fat?
If no, then the answer is above.   :accomplished:


hehehe! i understand now... just got worried because it seems that she lost a lot of weight. But honestly, she still looks awesome!  :geminluv: heys guys don't forget to vote for her https://apps.tradablebits.com/fb/ncBb

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Jiyoung Instagram: #숙녀가못돼 http://instagram.com/p/dK7b09ELAn/ d064e37a085211e3b4bf22000aa80174_7.jpg

For Secret Love Drama too 




Kkangji Instragram.





"That's great. // Amazing"





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