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Let's talk about why we love to listen to Seungyeon sing.

Seungyeon is perfect for these bubble gum pop songs which most KARA songs are. Not many people can be as fun and expressive in this genre as she is. She also has unique pronunciation and rhythm that make her stand out even more. She still needs to work on solo ballads and rock, but her strong belting makes up for her weak voice during the verses. Nevertheless, certain parts of the song is made more touching when her strong resonant voice comes through.

Her voice is soft, sweet, and cute, but at the same time very clear and resonant. There are many examples--pretty much every KARA song and her solos--but the most surprising to me was Tear Eraser. I use this song as my lullaby sometimes because it's a really nice song. But the best part is listening to Seungyeon's parts (which prompted me to create this topic.). She has the softest voice, but her voice comes out the cleanest and the most resonant. I can feel my ears ring when she sings, more so than the other members. I really like the combination with Seungyeon and Sunghee, too.

Her belting has improved a lot, and it was just awesome in Guilty, Pandora and Damage Lady. She has great tone, clarity, resonance, and power when she belts. I've listened to many other girl idols try to belt, but few do it as good as Hammie.

She continues to improve on her live. She was great in KARASIA concerts with Guilty and We Will Rock You.

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I appreciate when singers sing in live, so that's the reason I really like her solo performances.


I remember first time I saw her performing "strong enough"... she touched my heart, probably not the best version of the song but hammie has a sweet and soft voice.

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I feel the same way as you~  :gemheart: 
Every time I listen to a KARA song her voice jst stands out!
I remember when I first heard a KARA song I said that I liked her voice the most,
And she ended up being my bias keke ^^  :gemwin:
My mom loves Ima, Okuritai Arigatou so much!
And she said that the one with short hair, which was hammie, sounded the best singing it!
But yea, I agree her voice is not perfect,
Not as strong as others', not one of those diva types,
But dxmn her voice is like an angel to me,  :gemflower:
And yes with guilty, pandora and damaged lady,
She showed us another Hammie~
Rn my fav Hammie song is "Should I Love Alone", HLH's OST  :gemheart:

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Out of all the high notes, Pandora's was in my opinion the strongest and most uplifting. Mister is pretty good too... the scoop up gives me the chills DAMN


Pandora - 2:30 for the high note


Mister - 2:35 for the high note

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I think the best thing about Hammie's voice is that it works so well with so many different songs. It's soft when needed and edgy when needed and everything in between. Plus Hammie controls her voice perfectly^^ The high notes <3

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^ Exactly! Her low voice is amazing, I remember her singing in '1000 songs challenge' and she sings the old songs so perfectly! There are so many great singers out there but few put emotions in their singing and I think Hammie always deliver her emotions in every song she sang, be it sad or happy, and it's just so amazingly perfect :gemheart:

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