The Official Nicole Spazzing Thread


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Some of screenshot from her live instagram stories, when she's on US ( 29 Jan 2017)

Nicole's connection seems bad, as most of users complaining can't see it (me too), So I just post some screenshots from my recording... Sorry for super late post!








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16 hours ago, lukas_95 said:

Believe it or not, 6 years ago I was a bit biased towards seungyeon only, and "internally rejected" Nicole too. But now it changes man XD, she's my ultimate bias :P

Such a confession! I can't blame you for loving hammie :lol:


So yes, Nicole is spending her time in Spain: Madrid, Barcelona,Sevilla...



so...where in the world is carmen sandie...I mean nikori?:ph34r:

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It's quite interesting going through this thread. I found a lot more stuff about Nicole!

But it's also frustrating as most of the links to videos and pictures are dead.

Still better than nothing! I'll take what I can get since i only got into Nicole in 2020 :(

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