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red, nice timing there :D

yep, jing used to have the least love from the rest.. but since nowadays more people coming to her spazz threads, let's make this thread HOT too :lol:

btw, the rest of the caps and gifs from the spazz thread should be brought here too :)

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I'm glad red made this thread. Another place for me to spazz about Baby Jing.

Speaking of which, she looks SO FIERCE in Jumping PV teasers. Those eyes... aahh they're mesmerizing. I fell in love with her all over again. I hope to see more of this thread. I dunno how much I can contribute though ><

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that's an awesome gif you have made. what shall we call that move? fall into jing magic? lol.

LOL.. lets call it "5, 4, 3, 2, 1, youre dead" keke

red thanks for that HQ caps..i instantly put it as my desktop background

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thank u so much for all the gifs and pics guys :lol:

love it!

eric, about the outfit, it's relative, but i agree about how jing and hara getting even more spotlight here..

just like what i said on hara's thread, it loooks like the pv are made for hara and also jing..

her fierce expression here is very nice..

and her solo part on the last chorus, <3 it very much (although didn't like the dance XD)

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Jumping is AWESOME for our maknae. Like what red said, JiRa are getting more focus on Jumping. I actually love it that way. Everything about Jing in Jumping, clothing, hair, make-up, dance moves are ALL GREAT.

Thank you very much for all those gifs and caps, I shall look at them until I fall asleep (which probably won't happen now that my soul is fully awakened by Jing's beauty xD)

Aaaahhhh why do I love you so much, maknae... why do I fall for you even deeper each day..... aaaaahhhh.

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oh that last gif is awesome, jing flipping her hair, body s-movement & stepping the water. thanks!

anyone feeling pain waiting for jing-only jumping version? i wonder if it'll be the full 3 minutes.

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