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  1. I would so like to see them do a song for an Anime. But I would prefer it to be for the original Japanese one instead a dubbed version. Hopefully they do one soon
  2. Honestly don't think it would work. It would definitely be different but I don't think SNSD could pull off Mister and do it justice. Mister is so not SNSD. Only Kara can perform Mister and make it work. I am more of a SONE than a Kamilia but I have to admit that Mister would be a challenge for SNSD.
  3. Got to love the Kara charm. You really don't see many artists that can pull off what Kara is doing at the moment. They do seem to be very approachable when you see them in interviews and variety shows. I am surprised they weren't successful earlier. Fame does seem to get into heads of most artists so much so that you can see that they are arrogant. I wouldn't say that most kpop bands are like that now a days, especially not the girl bands. Most of them seem so humbled that they are succeeding in the music industry that you kind of feel like you have to listen to their songs. Kara is definitely one of the most genuine groups I have seen around anywhere I think a lot of US artist are too focussed on the fame rather than the music.
  4. Admittedly some of the subgroups would be interesting to see and hear but for me it would just seem weird if they don't sing and dance together. I mean for a group of 5 it seems a bit hard for there to be subgroups. I think you have to have at least 6 before it becomes viable. Plus Kara has always been a group of 5 and they seem to sing better as a five. I wouldn't want to see them split into sub groups just because they can. I would rather they sing as one group.
  5. I wouldn't go so far as to get a shirt but I would definitely buy posters, photobooks and coffee mugs. Not too sure about notebooks. I might consider getting them if it was for personal use. Kara calendar would be good I should really get myself some Kara cd's before thinking about buying anything else
  6. I only got in with the new Kara and I really like them. I really like their new concept and the way that they fit together as a group. It just seems to me that they are really close. I saw a few videos of the old Kara and it somehow felt different. I didn't get the same feeling of cohesiveness and fun that I get with the new Kara. I definitely do like the new Kara better though
  7. I would have to agree that Nicole is the most outgoing in a certain way but I didn't vote her as being the most outgoing. I think that each is outgoing in particular areas but it depends on what kind of outgoing you like. I think I prefer the kind of outgoing that Seungyeon has. I don't have any way to explain it except that the way she acts is somehow more endearing when she acts outgoing
  8. I don't have any doubt that they will win many more awards while they are in Japan. There is plenty of competition but I think they will still do well. I would like them to do something in Korean again. I think with a full album in Japanese out it is time to take a small break and maybe release a Korean single or something. I see them releasing a full Korean album this year and maybe a couple of Japanese singles. I know no matter what happens this will be a good year for them. I don't see them dying down but getting even stronger this year
  9. Lol... Any colour will do for me. They look good no matter what they wear. They do look good in white and peach though.
  10. Seungyeon doesn't seem like the princess type but she is definitely the most charming I guess she is the good kind of princess
  11. Hmm, it is always the ones that look the happiest that are the strongest. I think having gone through so much and being able to still keep a happy face that is someone I definitely want to know. I have to admit I wouldn't necessarily considered listening to Kara when they were four members. Although Sunghee was good the group doesn't have the same dynamics as it does now. I am more a fan of the new Kara rather than the old Kara. I am glad that Gyuri, Nicole and especially Seungyeon pushed through to the new Kara. They deserve to get the breaks since they do have the talents to do well. I guess the songs that the old Kara sang were just too generic and didn't really suit their voices. It doesn't help that people didn't think of them as a group rather they focussed on the fact that Sunghee was talented but ignored the rest which were probably just as talented as her. I can't believe the Sunghee fans would bash Kara for not being as good when it was the three girls that stuck to it and made it the success it is today. They have no right to compare it to the old Kara when they didn't do so well. Ah well, everybody has their opinion but I really think Kara will have many successes in the future no matter what critics might say about them.
  12. Seungyeon for the win I like the rest too but Seungyeon has been my favourite for a while now Originally Gyuri but things change I guess
  13. The fact of the matter is I don't think I actually not like any Kara songs. I haven't exactly heard all of them before but I think I have heard most of them. I know I probably shouldn't be writing in this thread but at the moment the least favourite of all their songs is probably Rollin but I don't necessarily hate any of their songs.
  14. Definitely one of the coolest concepts for an MV. I kind of feel sorry for the guy but jealous at the same time The storyline for the mv is so cool and fits so well with the song. It is such a catchy song and the video really does make the song stick in your head
  15. If only I could. I definitely plan to meet them one day. Hopefully when I finally decide to go to Korea they will be there and not performing elsewhere If not I could always see them in Singapore if they do end up going there. I'll organise a special trip just to see them. Hopefully they hold a big Korean pop concert and I get to see all my favourite bands there