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  1. awww so cute. What breed are the dogs?
  2. Dreams do come true. I cant wait to see Hyori's reaction. I think both girls see Hyori as a role model and you just know the guys are gonna be doing the mister dance XD cant wait. Daesung, already worked with Nicole...im not to sure about Tiffany. I know he worked with snsd. Can they cook though??? 0_0
  3. pretending? aint she sexy all the time. Even other idols say that shes even prettier without makeup
  4. How does the height chart for kara flows. I remember an episode where the MC's thought Gyuri was taller. But seriously, I think Jiyoung just gonna keep growing.
  5. Boars!! I have heard some crazy stories about how dangerous wild boars can be...good luck Hara
  6. they do more activities together. Im just getting into BEG's old stuff and its pretty cool. Especially since they also started with a cute concept and now they have a mature image
  7. when does the first episode show up anyways? its note everyday I see Nicole playing sports. and here i though Hara does all the tough things
  8. I noticed Nicole because usage of the English in her parts. I was amazed how many times she was able to use her english. I was surprised when i learned Tiffany spoke english.
  9. I think the Japanese people like honey but what is their opinion of mister?
  10. looks so spacious...maybe to spacious. I am not sure they will be able to see the tv from that far. And i love how they added a 5th chair to the meal table. No buffet style eating for KARA XD
  11. Xman what kind of show was that? is it funny? does anyone have links?
  12. I wonder what games do they enjoy playing? if they have time that is...
  13. New fan with Korean pop in general. so Mister was the first performance i saw
  14. i found it after looking through this site. It had a list of most f the international groups...http://yubseyo.wordpress.com/fansites/
  15. FAQ

    sounds reasonable. Ill do my best in my first fan site joined
  16. WOW and everyone else in the background look bored. I didn't know intro classes involves reproduction on the first day. I would think it would be categorization first but thats just me
  17. 0_0 i thought it was the same person. We gotta see the parents now. on a sidenote Nicole's mom looks her but older. must be the facial structure
  18. I remember an episode of SGB where Gyuri says shes the sexiest member...why?...because she looks old hahahha
  19. i know they baked once (with professionals) but can they do it themselves? or maybe Gyuri's guy will do all the baking XD
  20. she has an accent but Nicole kinda has one too. Nicole dis grow up in the US though. I wonder how here english cd collection looks like
  21. does she really need glasses? looks cute though. Pirate one was hilarious XD
  22. from their 4-member days. "If you wanna" Nicole's rap is cute and from the new 5-members, "Mister" ups my mood. But that Yodeling song is getting to me. must be the constant use of lalallalalalala
  23. I really don't think they will get big in the US without knowing singing their songs in English. But Yelle, a french artist, has toured in the States and she sings in French so i would love for Kara to prove me wrong. I think its because Japan represents the most US-like nation in the East. Theres also some heated history between Korea and Japan if you look into historical issues that the Japanese government were trying to cover up such as Korean "comfort women". Haha this is becoming more of a history lesson but well its actually pretty fun trying to learn the dynamics between the Asian countries and the US. Takes alot of reading though -______- It seems there is already a growing fan base there without actually being there which is amazing. I don't know about branching out but definitely a tour.
  24. FAMILY OUTING! There was one scene were Hyori is doing the butt dance and Jaesuk said he wasnt impressed because it would be better if the real KARA came
  25. Gyuri. shes got enough nobility attitude to share XD