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  1. "You're Nicole! You're bright, bubbly, talented and very hard-working. You have a lot of friends and people tend to love you because of your talents." friends call me smart, lazy, introverted, and easily enraged, but bipolar-ly happy and fun. Oh...and unlike Nicole, I can't dance. xP
  2. I am 19, though I often forget that I am and call myself 18. Happens every year, I'll be 19 next year too. xD
  3. nope. i really got into them when i heard lupin. i first knew them as the butt dance girls, but never really paid much attn till lupin. they i just asploded on everything they have!
  4. No offense, but I just really don't like Gee. If it were any other song, TOTALLY.
  5. HARA. Her jokes are so anti-humor, but that's my favorite kind of joke. Plus, she really got me under her spell whenever I watch Invincible Youth.
  6. I'll wait as long as I need to, but I really hope that the troubles end SOON. If Kara's able to perform HAPPILY onstage, I'd think it'd be enough to push me thru the year.
  7. IN MY DREAMS. No really, that's the only time. Well, the dream seemed really real until I realized it wasn't real. I wish I could be in the dream right now and let the dream I had be reality.
  8. Musically speaking, I think SHINee would be the best fit, but I'm open to the idea of other collabs. =)
  9. I'm a sucker for cheesy jokes, so Hara, but man, Nicole's intro in Lupin just put me into spazz mode.
  10. I'm pretty divided b/w Mister's butt dance and the dance for Lupin. Lupin's dance image is really powerful, but the butt dance got me into Kara.
  11. sale rates are decreasing, but still amazing that its been so long since the release and its still doing so well.
  12. I love Kara and all, but man, I think all these simultaneous releases is so frustrating. And on top of that, most of them are repackaged materials. Maybe if these releases were more spread out with bonus material, they'd do better on the charts. Although, I have to say, if the repackages stay constant or move up on the Oricon, it'd be good evidence that there are very dedicated fans out there. But still, UMJ is overmilking all this...
  13. Dang, I fell behind on all my shows from studying for midterms. >.< I popped up Jing's episode immediately and whoo!! I was really impressed with her acting and the whole episode. hehe =)
  14. wahahahahaha. her answers do nothing but make me laugh. i really wish i could read and write korean so i could check out that cyworld page of hers