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  1. Jiyoung is so cute even before she debut!! Now she is even cuter!! JIyoung hwaiting!
  2. Jiyoung is still so cute even while eating!! She seems to be in her own world while eating! Jiyoung hwaiting!!
  3. The 2nd video is so cute!! Jiyoung melts men hearts!! Jiyoung hwaiting!
  4. Aww Nooo!!! Jiyoung gonna be with lots of guys!!! I still love Jiyoung!! Jiyoung hwaiting!
  5. Definitely Minho of course!! Hes like the perfect guy!! Jiyoung hwaiting!
  6. I like her the moment i saw her. Shes like a big baby and shes so cute!! Jiyoung hwaiting!
  7. Wow her teacher looks young!! they look more like friends though.. Jiyoung hwaiting!
  8. Wow they both look good in the same outfits!! Same sponsor i guess.. Jiyoung hwaiting!
  9. I dont think is her.. But since she likes daesung so much it might be her! Jiyoung hwaiting!
  10. They are so cute together!! Jiyoung looks happy being bullied by her unnies! Jiyoung hwaiting!
  11. Omg her dogs are so cute!! But Jiyoung is still the cutest!!! Jiyoung hwaiting!
  12. Jiyoungie nicknames are so cute and unique!! I love Kang Ah Ji the most!! Jiyoung hwaiting!
  13. Aww Jiyoung love peace like me !! So cute doing peace! Jiyoung hwaiting!
  14. Wow Jiyoung bling are so pretty!! Jiyoung is the cutest maknae! Jiyoung hwaiting!
  15. Jiyoung is just so cute!! Playing with confetti like a small girl! Jiyoung hwaiting!