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  1. Hey, not sure if this is possible but none of the MV downloads seem to work anymore since Flash player is no longer supported - would it be possible to update those?
  2. I am beyond excited for Hara's solo debut and would really love to support her by buying a copy of the album. Not sure if this is the right place to ask, but just in case: as someone pre-ordering from the Philippines, which of the sites (Yesasia/Kpopmart/etc) would be the best place to buy from? Thanks!
  3. As much as I love Nicole, I'll respect her decision to leave Kara. She's spent six years in the industry, and if she wants to move on to better things or greener pastures then I respect that, and even admire her for her courage to take such a big and scary step. <3 The same goes for Jiyoung, and the rest of the members too. Since we love them a lot, maybe we should also respect that they have their own dreams as people, and they can't always go through things as five. But that doesn't mean we don't love all five of them, right? Personally, I've stuck with Kara not just for the music or for the great videos, but for these five beautiful girls who are absolutely inspiring to me. Just because one of them might not be a part of Kara anymore, doesn't mean they cease being fabulous inspirational perfect goddesses, right? P.S. Actually nicole I was kidding can you stay can none of you guys go I can't imagine life without you guys as five- except- yeah
  4. Yes, totally! Sweet Tune has composed their songs since like... forever, and while we owe those guys a lot, a different kind of sound would really spice up their comeback. I can really feel Full Bloom is gonna be a big one, is it just me? <3
  5. Wow, this is a really a-list concert ;; Singaporean Kamilias, have fun for the rest of us! ❤❤
  6. Wow, I'm really looking forward to this comeback. ;; The concept somewhat reminds me of The First Blooming, which is my fave Kara album, and I really hope this album has at least a bit of R & B influence because I really love Kara with those types of songs ❤❤
  7. Wow, this is just the best news I have heard all week. The First Blooming is and will always be my favorite Kara release: the vocals and the music, everything is just WOW WOW WOW. It just makes me so happy that this perfection of an album is finally being recognized for its fabulousness <3
  8. When I first became a fan of KPop, Kara was admittedly not my first fandom. As a fan from the Philippines, I was exposed more to fandoms of the Big Three variety: SHINee, Super Junior, Big Bang, and the like. I actually preferred boy groups to girl groups (as a result of my “growing child hormones”. Kidding.) As a result I was (and still kind of am) an SM Town stan. I deeply adore them, but I know now that no other artist will measure up to the kind of love and admiration I have for Kara. To be honest it wasn’t love at first sight for me and Kara. I’d seen Hara on Invincible Youth and found the girl absolutely gorgeous and crazy (which was a good thing. Crazy, I can relate to.), but it didn’t translate to anything for the group itself. I checked out their Lupin video and while I thought the song was quite legit, I was drawn to them more out of curiosity. I didn’t quite love them yet, but for some reason I felt there were so much more things I needed to know about them: and so I watched their shows and saw all their music videos, and then BAM. A Kamilia was born, in late 2011. I love Kara’s music videos and I love their songs, but I know that what I will always love the most about this group are the girls themselves. I actually went through a hard time during my first year at this prestigious arts school and had some trouble with my grades and whatnot, but Kara really did help pull me through everything. I watched Kara’s old interviews back in the times when they were struggling (yes, I am that creeper who downloaded almost everything from the KARA4 thread in the Sweet Melodix Mediabox. Teehee.) I watched and re-watched and then watched again Kara’s Miracle Story: I’d tell myself over and over again that if I worked hard and didn’t give up like Kara did, I would succeed slowly but surely. Every time I wanted to stop, just lie down, go to sleep and never wake up, I’d think of our beautiful girls’ never ending perseverance. And then I’d stand back up and fight for myself again. { I even had these awkward moments where I’d compare my life to Kara’s career. I’d go all “Okay, Aika. Right now it is your Break It era. You are doing well but from now on you must work harder” and then “It’s Rock U era now. You are doing better but you can’t slack off, now you must continue your hard work…”} After this, Kara has begun to inspire me more than ever. I see the way they talk and react to things, and I believe that they are truly role models to follow: Gyuri, recently, has inspired me to be more confident about myself with her “One shines with a brighter light when one believes in oneself” quote. Because they are open about the way they take care of themselves and their bodies (I especially admire them for being open about how they diet. I wouldn’t know if many girl groups do this as I’m pretty much a girl group noob but oh well) , I’ve learned to follow their example of eating healthy food and taking care of myself and my body. This is why I try to give back as much as I can to Kara, for everything that they have inspired me to do and be from across the sea. I applied to become a staff of Karaholic, and wrote an article about them in this newspaper I write for in the Philippines. OuO [P.S. Sorry about the choppy manner it was written in… Our editor likes to make our articles understandable for kids. Or something like that.] However I am, sadly, a very broke fan. While I am rich in “digital” merch (I can proudly say that I’ve downloaded pretty much everything there is to download on Karaholic) I do not have a single piece of Kara merchandise that can actually be touched and held besides my hard drive. Which is why it would be really great for me to be able to win this giveaway. Sorry for the super long write up, but I felt like I needed to express my love for Kara as much as I could. Thank you for reading!
  9. While the new Kara is what shot our girls to fame (I personally became a fan in 2011) and allowed the fandom to grow, I believe it's KARA4 that makes us stay. The idea of such hardworking, passionate, (at times crazy... okay, most times?) diligent girls inspires us and makes our love for Kara (both then and now) deeper. <3 And yeah, like most people I've heard, I really DO miss KARA4's music. It was definitely powerful and unique, and imho it really stood out from their peers' releases. Oh, well.
  10. Language barriers, lol. Anyway, it doesn't matter for me if she likes Gundam or not. She's still our gorgeous, smiley, hardworking Hammie!
  11. This makes me remember what she said in their Ceci (? was it? I forgot but it was a photoshoot) interview... "One shines with a brighter light when one believes in oneself." Gyuri unnie is such a role model! <3
  12. Can't wait to see how Hammie will deal with this, omg. <3 I can sort of imagine her, but not quite... all the best omg
  13. Watched everything. Despite the fact that I barely understood anything, but oh well! The animation really impressed me, it was a lot better than expected <3 AND YES THE ENDING SONG. /dying
  14. I have high expectations for our Honey! <3 Whatever the result, Kamilias can be sure our competitive Hara's going to give it her all
  15. Because it is our doll's birthday soon... KST, at least. Let us spazz! <3 One of my fave pics of our Ggool.