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  1. Being an idol must be really hard. As a fan, I have only been looking at them like they're famous people who I like. I want to see them. But, actually they're also like us. They sometimes want to have a normal lives. It must be really hard for them.
  2. I think Daesung and Jiyoung would be a really funny couple. I'm sure Daesung will be weak in front of Jiyoung, and it would be really funny to watch. Lol.
  3. I see. So it's called Minnie Mouse Hair. This is the hairstyle that made me like Seungyeon. She is really cute like that!
  4. Well, I'd rather be a human and support Kara more. Being a pet is just a burden to her, I think.
  5. As expected, she really looks cute with anything. I have been caught by her smile...
  6. I don't know if they really look alike... I think they're not that similar. Even if they're similar, their personalities is a lot different
  7. Wow, so there are a lot more younger people than Hara in this forum! Then, Kara must have a lot of teenager fans.
  8. I didn't know this. It must be really hard to live without her mother. Be strong, Hara!
  9. As of now, I only know Hara has been acting before. I don't know about other members yet. But, it will be really good if I can see more of them acting. I really like dramas with a group singer cast in it, so it would be good if Kara members do it, too.
  10. I think there's nothing common between me and Hara. Now that I think about it, I just realized we don't have something common. I guess this tells that I like people who is different from me.
  11. It's a bit shocking that no one has chosen Hara yet. Is it because she is dating another man right now? Anyway, my choice is Seungyeon. It's because she is all cheerful and bright. I like girls who are bright and cheerful. I think those types of girls will be compatible with my personality.
  12. Haha, it's actually Gyuri. I saw Kara the first time in a show program. And I jumped into conclusion after watching how Gyuri acted like a goddess and almighty. I thought "Oh, she must be the leader". It turned out to be true. Lol.
  13. She is really cute when she was a kid. No wonder she is still cute right now. Lol.
  14. Her serious look is so killer! I don't usually like girls with serious look, I prefer them to be cute. But, she is different. Even her serious look is charming.
  15. That's it! She is a real thief! Lol. But, a really cute one at that. She is cute when she is thinking "Should I take it or not?" while looking at the thing.