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  1. Ohhh, so I would like to)) I sleep and see yourself member of idol group))
  2. I think at the Hara has a style, so chose her. :thumbup:
  3. I love them all, but the best for me just Nicole. She is very charming and sweet. Lovely even in strange situations. First look at her on the show Heroes, she was so shy in adults, but with its own charm.
  4. In Music Core [170911] Costumes are great :thumbup:
  5. I vote for Gyuri's KingKangie. This dog so pretty :eyelove: Goddes dog
  6. I vote for Gyuri because she would look great on these shows :thumbup1:
  7. I live quite far from Korea, so I never get the chance to see kpop star. But I hope and believe that once visited their concert
  8. Sexiest: Nicole Cutest: Jiyoung Prettiest: Nicole I think so...
  9. The most photogenic in my opinion is Gyuri and Hara. In voting I picked Hara.
  10. Hmm ... What kind of question? Of course they are all beautiful princess. But I love Nicole.
  11. I like Idol Show 4 Season with Kara very much. :thumbup:
  12. Anti fans it is usually people who have something missing in their life. Communication, self-confidence. They assert themselves insulting and vilify others, or an idol group. Just do not pay attention to them.
  13. I found this forum from Google search. And very glad that I found you ))
  14. I would like to see Nicole in Heroes again. I miss this show. I want a second season of Heroes))