How did you get into Kara?

Eddie Z

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Well I first knew more about Kara, from Hara since she was in Invincible Youth, which I watched for Soshi ^^ Since the song Mister kept playing I looked it up, and liked it. Though it took around month till I got into Kara officially. I began to listen to more songs and loved their style of music and the members ^^ and I recently finally found the song I loved and heard from random old Kara videos, which is If you wanna, and just loved them from then~~~ C: If you wanna will be forever my favourite ^^

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I my sis got into kpop in 2009 and from then on I sometimes hear there songs during other idols' show but I didn't know them much.

While watching family outing (i was a bigbang fan) they danced "mister".

I love their catchy song mister lupin honey ect but I wasn't an avid fan of the group. I just liked their dances and songs. I knew they were as popular as snsd because they debut about the same 'era'.(?)

I got to know them through variety like the goddess concept of gyuri which was super funny, hara in invincible youth-she was also a favorite of other idols, I knew nicole because of her friendssss (key, amber, jinwoon, too many to mention), and I got to know seungyeon and jiyoung along the way.

*Fast Forward to 2012* I was still not a solid Kamilia then one day I fell hard for their solo MVs and that started my fanbeing! Now I'm rewatching their old vids ect. I was impressed by their Japanese (reminds me of my past love for anime) How could I realize how great they are just now!

My favorite kpop idols as a GROUP is Kara! I just love how they have this "oneness" or "chemistry" with each other . (i don't know how to say it) Anyway, I love KARA!!!

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I was on a video game forum and there was a K-Pop thread. Somebody linked the Jumping video. I liked it but it didn't quite stick. Then a long while afterwards I remembered it and looked it up again and I was hooked. That was really my introduction to K-Pop in general, actually.

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how'd you end up liking KARA?

It's started at October 2011 i think.

I was playing
Audition AyoDance
with my couple, and i don't know why 'Honey' was stuck in my head.

Whereas before i had listened to KARA's songs and i didn't get the curious feeling.

But that time is very different, i started to searching the other MVs and 'BAAAAMMMMM!!!!!' this girl is really caughhhtttt my attention!!!


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Actually, I know the group KARA in the middle year of 2010, but I didn't pay much attention on them, even though their faces, I also can't recognize very well (only knew there are 5 members). Until I watched SNSD appearances in Star Golden Bell on April 2011 (I start to become a K-Pop fan), I saw Nicole appearance's as an MC for one segment, called Level Eye With Me.

She's cute when explaining hints to the guests, although it's difficult for her, since Korean is her 2nd language. And her eye-smile and 4D personality ^^ I love to watch her segment in Star Golden Bell !

The 1st songs, that I listened from KARA are I Am and Step. As I watched Step MV, one member that draw my attention, she's dancing and rapping so well, I wonder who is she ? I asked at YouTube comments, Kamilia says it's Nicole ~ My reaction : O_o What ? She's Nicole . . . . The MC of Level Eye With Me at Star Golden Bell, is Nicole ? She's one of the KARA members ?! :blink: I was shocked, she's different on the stage ! So stunning ! The weirdest moment is, on 14th Of July, KARA had came to my country, Malaysia for MTV World Stage ~ I had went there with my friend ^^

When KARA came out, my heart just screaming ! (I'm a SONE, but I've never been excited like this ~) So, during that day, I became a Kamilia ~

Conclusion is, I knew Nicole among KARA, but Seungyeon attracts me into KARA (in Step MV) ~


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Okay so My experience started like this.

First I saw an SNSD MV and was like wow what is this awesome

Second I started to search them up and was amazed so I looked around searching up all the artists

I stumbled along kara and really didnt like them at first besides for Wanna

Then after a while I stumbled across kara again this time it was Honey and then I went to Rock U and basically listened to everything and was really amazed at how awesome they are. Honestly I dont know why I didnt like them in the first place now they are one of my favs

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My friend introduced me to the Mister video. Didn't really catch my attention because I can't stand Asian music. Then i stumbled onto STEP and it was the catchiest song ever! I went obsessive after that.

Then I learned more about each member and loved them even more. So hard working, so sincere, so honest, and so close with each other. For some reason, KARA's overall charm (with 5 unique personalities), is what attracts me the most.

I mean, not every KARA song is a hit with me, but I think overall as a group, they seem the most entertaining whether they are on a variety show or just doing self cam stuff (i.e. the KARA channel episodes on the STEP comeback).

Now I can't stand North American music. Weird how things turn out!

- kamilia for 2 months now

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Got started with the Wanna MV in 2009. that was my first exposure to kpop music. that time i was watching star golden bell or happy together 3 and at the end the mv for Wanna was playing. yup kara pulled me into kpop and made me like it. i liked kara but i didnt call myself a fan until this year october 2012. i watched invincible youth 2 and was really attracted to jiyoung. thats when i decided to become a full-fledged fan of kara and jiyoung herself. :thumbup1:

btw the first time i say the Wanna MV, it was jiyoung that stood out in my eyes haha. im like wow who is this girl? :blushing::eyelove:

So far i like all the title songs from kara with pandora, jumping, wanna and step being my favourite ones.

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Step was my introduction to KARA. I happened to watch the video on YouTube when it came out and I absolutely loved the catchiness energy of the song, their coreography and how beautiful they were. But I have to confess that, not usually being a huge fan of idol pop groups, it didn't go beyond that.

Not much later, though, I accidentaly stumbled upon Honey and I was once and for all captivated. I mean, it's such a sweet and delightful song. Very poppy, yes, but in a good way, not in the stereotypical K-Pop bombastic/outrageous/attention-grabbing way.

So I went after the rest of their discography and was really impressed. Also, their personalities really charmed me. One thing that called my attention as well was the production and the instrumentals. So I researched and learned about Sweetunes as well. Now I'm a big fan of them both!

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First KARA song that I heard was 'Break It', but for some reason it didn't really stick to me, so I didn't really bother to look into their profile (maybe because at that time I was sooo into SNSD...I still am btw...hehehe).

Then when they came back with Pretty Girl, I thought, its quite a good song, but it still didn't leave a big impression.

But when I saw their comeback stage for Honey, I was like :o. The song grabbed my attention and it was such a good and happy song. From there I pretty much googled everything about KARA and since then I have been a big fan of them.

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Ok. So one day (2012), i was watching tv with my cousin. We were watching mtv ''korean hit wave'' or something like that, and i didn't listen to any kpop groups back the, but my cousin did. So we watched MVs and MVs, my cousin was anjoying her life to the fullest while i was starting to get reeeaaalllyyy bored.

And then, Mister MV started playing. I actually liked the intro of the song, so i started watching it.

Me: The intro's kinda cool.

My cousin: Oh, that's Kara.

Me: And that girls seems cute.

My cousin: which one?

Me: The one with short hair.

My cous: Oh, you mean Seungyeon? *points out Seungyeon on the tv*

Me: No, no , not that one. The other short hair.

My cous: Oooh her. That's Nicole.

And. That was the day my whole life changed. :lol2::lol::thumbup:

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I had no opinion or anything about korean pop music before. I had not heard it. But this summer I noticed that PSY guy from Korea, singing about some style. And even thought I did not actually liked it, it was kinda gateway to korean music. Then, of course I noticed Hyuna and looked some info about her. Heard some songs and was not very impressed. But I stumbled to Invincible Youth and loved it from the start. Very soon Goo Hara got my hearth. And then I watched Karas Bakery and listened Karas songs. And became a fan. Actually I have not had this "fanboy" attitude towards any bands before, so this is kinda a new experience. New and nice experience.

Hara was my first love from Kara. But Gyuri and Seung-yeon have rise to my liking too!

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I happened to stumble on step in my bro's mp3, and after that mistake, I was hooked to the song and went to youtube the MV. I started to nootice Hara and researched on which show she appeared in, and IY came out. From IY, I started to branch out and I started knowing the rest of the members.

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ooo i saw them the first time when they came to the MBC's Come to Play show with Girls Generation. It was the episode which all male idols voted for something. I was already a fan of Girls Generation but when I watched the show I thought, "hey, these girls are not so bad.. they look interesting." and then I looked them up and get hooked ever since~

Hehehehe :D

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first time I listen to If you Wanna, become addict and I dont know who sing it...

when I realize its KARA, my life is perfect XD

I like all star that DSP produce, Sechskies, Fin KL, SS501.... I'm know them before KARA and end up by title KAMILIA^^

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