How did you get into Kara?

Eddie Z

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ORIGINALLY posted by Minjoo at KB:

And by that, I mean... how'd you end up liking KARA?


For me,

I've already had If U Wanna and Break It on my I-pod.. for some reason... that I don't really know. lol Suddenly I just started watching their YTN interviews... and found them to be really funny! Then I started watching their self cams... and then I knew I was in love. lol

So yeah... I blame the YTN interviews for this addiction. lol

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I saw a perf of Secret World (the one in pink) and found they were great singers that time I was a big fan of Wonder Girls (I always love them but less tha KARA)

So I decided to see more of them and watch almost all their perf since their debut

and I was impressed by their improvement with stage !

Then, I learn to know their personality and discover they are all sweet, nice, funny and natural persons.

During their break I understood I much I loved them and how big fan I become lol.

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When i watched their debut break it performance..

i think their outfits got me interested at first,

and then i started to like the dance and then after watching other performances and interviews i started to know the members and then i became a kara fan.

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I remember I was on the soompi forum and they had a post about KARA. and when I looked them up, I instantly fell in love with them. They didn't have that charm that other girl groups had. I also remember Their break it performance, and it wasn't on youtube yet. So I had to load it over night and when I woke up, I was excited to watch it. But found out my mom when on my computer and exited it out. I was super pissed off.

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I didn't like them in their break it days.. I was just 'too average' so I just set them aside for months

but then I came back and then I heard If you wanna! I just felt in love

and even love it more with secret world!~

but then when I finally get interested the girls went hiatus and then sunghee

so I became loyally wating then


orginal fans move out I move in and do the waiting haha

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I am a fan since they first debut.

Thanks to my sis.

she put the song break it into my ipod.

& I just happened to listen to it.

I was like "omg. I'm gonna check Kara out"

I went home to search for kara.

Watched their videos and fell in love with them

& become an official Kamilia!<3


and forever a kamilia!

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haha..well in my previous mindset i always thought of Korean girls as pure innocent and weak..that seemed to be popular..and i wasn't digging any of that :lol:

so when i saw Break It and how it was basically about not letting a guy take advantage of you and kicking his butt..i thought wow so not all korean girls are as i thought? lol j/k of course..

but i liked their concept and their 'i'm not going to let a person take advantage of me message' :)

then saw their interviews and feel in love with their sincerity and playfulness :)

hooked on ever since :)

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Believe it or not, I thought KARA annoying before. But before you shoot me I can honestly say I love the girls now, new or old. :3

I got hooked when I saw their If U Wanna MV on Pops In Seoul. I think what got me much more dedicated to them was Minjoo and Haejin and their somewhat endless spazzes on KARA.

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The only Korean music I liked for a good while was BoA and Se7en... Then at a Jpop forum (for Hello! Project/Morning Musume), an unni told me about SNSD and I couldn't wait for them to come out because they were so big like Morning Musume and was in the same ent as BoA. But because they took forever to debut, the my unni started showing me KARA, Wonder Girls, Baby Vox Rev., and other new girl groups at the time. At first I liked KARA more, then I started to get into Wonder Girls more... but eventually, it was 90% KARA and only 10% WG during my fangirling time. Heehee, and I was so happy when KARA was more famous than Wonder Girls.

They were my first girl group from Korea and I'm glad I'm still here with them. Of course, during the whole second KARA album recording/SungHee leaving ordeal, I started to get into SNSD. But KARA never left my mind!


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I actually often see Kara's thread at Soompi.But never got the chance to check them out.

There's a few times I watch their Rock U performances at Music Bank.And,I was like,'Hey,this song is quite good'.

Then,I searched for them at YouTube and watched their 'Break It' MV.After that,I started liking them. :(

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I got into KARA because of SungHee o________o honestly ; I was never a fan of any girl groups . but then after reading KARA fanfics (I know , fanfics . what was I thinking ?) I check them out and SungHee drew my attention . I didn't like any of the members (except for sungja) back then , but somehow , i started to listen to their songs and became a fan . that's my story (;

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i LOVED their personality :]]

i knew they existed, i knew they were around, but i never started liking them until i saw them on We Got Married and they were so happy and hyper and adorable and i was like, "OMG. they're so cute!"

so then i found their soompi thread and was directed here :]]

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