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Found a couple more pics of Red Kitchen~

Kekeke taken from http://faithloveyuchun.wordpress.com

Hhhmm... I wonder how recent these were~

Since it seems the celebrities are signing on the glass panel instead of the usual white computer paper!


^ Heheh I can spot Amber's, Sunny's, and Hyoyeon's signatures!


^ DBSK's Yoochun~


^ DBSK's Jaejoong~


^ SS501's Jungmin~ (Yay! Go DSP Family!)


^ Polariod shots of Nicole's mommy with DBSK's Changmin and 2PM's Junsu~


^ A bowl of dumpling ramen~ (Great. Now I'm hungry...)


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anyone know the address ?? :)


I can't seem to find the exact address,

but the person who runs the http://faithloveyuchun.wordpress.com website,

who was the person who took those pics I posted said this:

"You can take line 2 (green line) to Seolleung Station and go out by Exit 7~"

Sorry if that didn't help at all~


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^^ omg.. i saw that at KARA baidu...even saved his pic but had no clue who he was haha.. so he's junsu's brother? ..yea seems like he's talking about Cole's mom haha..thanks for sharing :sweatdrop:

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