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** i read some fan accounts from fans that went to the mini concert.. seems like a bunch of them went to Red Kitchen either before or after the concert.. and i think Nicole turned up there after the concert.. some lucky fans got autographs :eyelove:

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It's really awesome to see the amount of support Red Kitchen's getting.

And all those fans sure are lucky, they get to eat the same food as Cole!

Thanks for posting all these images mae, and anne!

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hi, i'd like to ask about one thing. is this restaurant nicole opened for her mom or is it her mom's restaurant even before nicole debuted? i don't know very much about kara yet.. ^^

the restaurant just opened a couple of months ago in March i think but Nicole mentioned it on her cyworld in April and that's when all the news came out about the place ..from what i know.. it is strictly her mom's place and that's how Nicole described it as.

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^omg what a lucky fan! Seriously, idk how I'd act if I ever met Nicole in person.

She seems like such a cool, down-to-earth person. (: I'm sure she'd be really fun to talk to.

I love how her arm's on his shoulder.

I bet when he shows his friends he's going to be like, "SKINSHIP omg." ahaha. XD

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^^^ Was wondering why he looked familiar, hahah. XD Metafriends -> Metacouple ! I kid. ~

But, seriously. He's luuuuu~cky. Getting to eat in Cole's mom's restaurant WITH Cole. Ah. DD8 <3 His peace sign in the picture looks so feeble though. He must've been nervous. XD

+ Cole's wearing the shirt she wore @ Maybee. Was this the same day ? O:

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