Who should be Seungyeon's Husband?


Hamster's Husband   

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  1. 1. Perfect Man for Seung Yeon is . . . ?

    • 2PM's Maknae - Chansung
    • 2PM's strong rapper - Taecyeon
    • Super Junior - Shin Dong
    • Super Junior - Heechul
    • Big Bang - G - Dragon
    • SHINee - Onew
    • SS501 - KyuJoong
    • Killer Smile - Kim Bum
    • F4's Leader - Lee Minho
    • Jang Geun Suk
    • Super Junior - Yesung
    • Kara - Hara

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For me it was between 2PM Chansung and Shinee Onew. Whenever Seungyeon and Chansung are on the same show and she has to pick one of the guys to be her partner, it seems she always picks Chansung. She picked him on the 2PM show of 떴다 그녀 and also on Dream Team. Also I think that Onew would be a great partner for her because OnYeon couple can be seen matched up whenever Shinee and Kara have a special stage together. So I would definitely pick Onew as Hammie's partner.

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Seriously, why isn't there an option "Me" in the choices? :)) I think that just actually sums up her attitude. The fact that we want to be coupled with her just goes to show that she could be paired up with anyone and still be lovable and amazing that she truly is. :D

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I think G-Dragon or Onew would match her well. They all have that cute-looking faces, lol. And it seems like their personality will match. Plus, Onew has been on a lot of variety shows with Seungyeon already. So, it would seem fun to see them together on WGM.

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Haha! What's that idea to include Hara in the list? But it seems logical from some angles, plus, they seems to love each others.

As for the question, who should be? I think he may instead of should (since we can't force things) be someone with a good caring personality as she always mentioned in her interviews, & maybe a little taller than her with a handsome or at least a reasonable face.

After all, it's up to Han Seungyeon to chose & decide & not to us the fans. :giggly:

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