[Haradoll] The Official 'Hara' spazz thread.


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hara look beautiful in nature republic..ihihihi..

hmmmm, its pre recorded..then its got last fun...mmm..

mybe they performing step+mister+lupin..i like step outfit that hara wearing..

cant wait for all of the perfomance..

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^ Yeah, it's from Ohboy! magazine. You can see the full scan at Haradaily ^_^

Right after HeyHeyHey yesterday, Maeda Atsuko-chan of AKB48 mentioned Nicole and Hara in her blog!


There were also interactions of them during the interview before the performance on HeyHeyHey!

OMG!!! What did she say about Hara and Nicole? During the interview, Nicole said that they went out together and eat shabu-shabu (some kind of sweet) :thumbup: And if I remember correctly, Maeda also mentioned Hara and Nicole in one of her radio recording. Seems like she's the closest with Hara and Nicole. Hmmm.....I wonder who else in AKB48 that're friends with KARA :D

ps: this is kinda random, but I spotted KARA in an anime Beelzebub. Look at the picture on the wall:


Notice anything familiar?


:thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:

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YEPYEP! hara's eyes were sparkling and her straight hair looks so smooth <333

She looked soooooo gorgeous~!!!

The third pic I posted up... REAL DOLL<3 omg <3!!!! And she looked so anime-ish and cute with that smile in the second picture ^^ :33

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^ :blushing::wub::inluv: Haradoll looks so pretty there. Also lol at them letting her cut her hair but then adding in extensions at every possible moment. I can't wait till Kara's next comeback to see what else Hara brings to the table, but for now I look forward to seeing her at the year end ceremonies.

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i wish she went on we got married with someone from 2pm like taecyeon or wooyoung, or even junsu! they'll be so cute, OR WITH SHINEE! OR TAEYANG FROM BIG BANG! AWWWWWWWWW

Her and Onew would be awesome. I loved their interactions on the 1st season of IY.

He so nice though! I think any girl, no matter how nice, would eventually get the upper hand.

Or Minho/WooYoung would be nice.

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Did you guys watched Music Station Super live yet? Their outfits are so cute, but their bridal outfits are still the best for me ;) Hara's Japanese has improved so much and she talks more during interview session. Everytime she speaks, the audiences clapped and cheered loudly for her :thumbup: I love JKamilias :wub:

Here's the videos:

You can also check Honeyhammie9's channel on UTube for more videos :thumbup:

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Hara attended Kim Taewoo's wedding!! ^_^

[111226] Hara attended Kim Tae Woo's wedding together with G7 members such as Narsha, Sunhwa, Hyomin, Kim Shinyoung and Noh Joohyun.

cr:@KARA quotes

That's so sweet how they're able to maintain a good relationship even after the show has ended a while ago. I'd love to see some shots or pics of the wedding ^^.

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^^ Hara, Mana, and Maeda Astuko (Acchan) all look so cute in those pictures! Hope to see more interactions of them later, especially with Hara and Acchan! Love them all!! :eyelove:

Leeteuk interviewed Hara during SBS Gayo Daejun 2011 on Dec. 29 2011:

Hara looks soooooo gorgeous!! :eyelove::eyelove:

I wonder what they are saying... hope there will be translation later!

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AWWWWW hara attending Kim Taewoo's wedding -- that's so precious! Haha I agree with what vennie said hahaha I'd love to see some pictures... I'm sure she glammed up for this wedding. AHHH so precious haha it's like a lovely G7 reunion~~

HAHAHA WOAH! City_bear_90 that's pretty cool! You have sharp eyes 8)


I got bored so I made a gif of Hara in City Hunter hehe

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