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i was listening to the first bloom and WOW nicole really did lots of improvements, her voice keeps getting better.

she can hit the high notes easily and she has a really sweet voice(sweet and pretty actually, gyul has a strong voice while hammie's voice is really sweet, but i find that nicole's voice is very pretty)

i realy really like her voice, but she's also a great rapper, i want her to rap more :thumbup1:

i kinda feel annoyed when she just, eeeer, squeeked her high notes like when she did the "eyeaah~" part in jumping korean version :wacko:

but i love her very much, esp in wait, ima okuritai arigatou, honey, mister, it's really cute!

she's my 2nd faourite voice among all of girl groups(1st is ye-eun :wub: and 3rd is sunmi :) )

Compare Nicole's voice in, say, "눈물 지우개" to her voice in "나는..(Ing)". What happened? It's as if somewhere in the process of adjusting to new members Nicole was told to 'squeak' out all of her higher notes. Granted, 규리's and 승연's voices changed as well, but the case with Nicole is far more conspicuous.

I won't tread on the appeal that the latter seem to have to many of the people here, but I would like to hear all of your thoughts on how this may have come about.

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Yes I totally love Nicole's voice. She does has a very nice and distinctive tone. Her rap is soft and gentle, so I don't really look at her as a rapper :tongue: Over all Nicole is the all rounder in Kara. She sings very well :geminluv: , she dance very good :gemadmire: and she raps too :optimistic: . And yeah she definitely have the LOOKS :inluv:

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I really love her voice. It's not really the musical operal kind of voice, but hers is really sweet and soothing, the type suited for singing KARA's kind of cute pop songs. She hits the high pitches well.

I'm currently loving her "Sha-la-la-la-la~" line from Girl's Power, and every other line in Speed Up, her voice sounds so sexy, soft and feminine there despite the bad-*** concept. I'm not complaining, I like her voice softer than strong although I know she is capable of projecting her voice well.

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Nicole is a good singer of course :gemadmire:

It's hard for me to describe her voice because I think that her voice is kinda unique to me. Anyway, I used to read a few comments about Nicole singing on some websites and all of them praised her singing ability :gemwin:

:offtopic: 'I am' is truly a surprised for everyone right? Kekeke..me too ;)

I even shared the video of the performance on my SNS to prove to some of my friends who said that Kara can't sing that they're wrong :thumbup1:

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