[Hamtastic] So Seungsational~


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lol at that scene, she shouldn't be assigned to the last leg. those were unreachable to her standard! hahah.

but glad to see her sporting side in trying desperately to reach the.. candy?

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I looooooooove her smile!!! Seungyeon was the first from KARA who called my attention, and it was all because she's always smiling!! It's a pure, tender and super happy smile!! Her smile is like my daily dosis of vitamins! Nobody smiles like her!! :tongue:

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want to share this

[ youtube ] 3n_9T9U4zHE&playnext_from=TL&videos=L64vtZpHcY4 [ /youtube ]

That was so great! And it has plenty of Seungyeon pics!! Thanks for sharing!!

@Angeal Those are some greate cute pics too!! ^^ Are the last three paparazi photos?? :P

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Really? no way that's so cool, haha. Happy lunar bday to our sweet ham~.

I still have to write in her bday thread D;

I'm really excited for Ham/Jing's new show~!!

Seems like it's going to be filled with a lot of cute animals and if F.cuz guesting in the first episode?

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